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Message Subject The OwlMan vs The Illuminati! - 322 - (Rosicrucians/FreeMasons/Skull And Bones)
Poster Handle OwlMan
Post Content
Good information but this only scratches the surface.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 883846

Thank you, but there is no way in hell that you read ALL of my information THAT fast.lol Please visit my other posts here on GLP, my websites, watch all of the vids, and I guarantee you (Everyone of you) that you will see that there absolutely IS something very BIG coming, and very, VERY SOON!

(That not only "Scratches the surface",but blasts out a deep chest wound, and rips out the heart of these "Elite"!)

I know that "They" (Secret Societies) do NOT want this information out there, but the time has come, that even they (with all of their "power") cannot stop this from happening.

This IS the Appointed Time...This is The Time Of The End... - Daniel 12

May The Lord bless you and keep you in these Last Days...

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