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Message Subject The OwlMan vs The Illuminati! - 322 - (Rosicrucians/FreeMasons/Skull And Bones)
Poster Handle William
Post Content

Something does not make sense here. You are condemning all secret societies, yet you admittedly belong to the cult of jesus christ. This is the way of control on this world. Offer up two or more cults and that includes christianity, muslim, budha, hindu, mason's, rosicrucians, illuminati, etc.

Then make it appear that you have to choose one or the other and live your life according to the dictates of the leaders (thugs) behind the cult to begin with. This is a sure fire way of perpetuating all the chaos on this planet and a sure fire way of making sure it continues.

You are in actuallity feeding the beast so to speak as it is the same thugs behind all these cults. Put all these religions and secret societies on a pyramid chart and you will see they all serve the same top of the pyramid. The all seeing eye so to speak.

To win this battle requires a new coin. I suggest you start the cult of owlman, with only one member, you and you alone.
Do not give your power away to anyone and do not join any religion or secret society.

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