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FUCK That ^^^^^^ was me again. Sorry. Moving on-

ADEND wrote:

"OP did a good work questioning possiblities. His conclusions do not reinforce the current power structures control systems so they are dangerous."

I will NEVER say that drawing a conclusion which CHALLENGES the current power structure ISN'T something to strive for/appreciate in others.

But you have to HAVE CHALLENGED those power structures. Merely attempting, or worse- attempting and failing is nothing but kind of a... useless distraction. I just wish people had higher standards.

And there's NOTHING dangerous about someone making claims steeped in errors and circumstantial evidence.

When that happens you're HURTING the cause- not HELPING it. You humiliate the cause. It seems like some people here think he should be applauded just because he TRIED.

But it's not good enough. Not for my standards. Nor should it be for anyone else's.

"He is attacked on several sides with different simultaneous arguments (nice trolling to the Shills BTW)."

There's a difference between "attacking" and asking someone to explain himself.

And yes, when someone makes the claims he makes in his videos, it's appropriate to ask him to "explain himself". Unless you advocate endorsing information based on its face value just by virtue it's been...presented (lots of users here written things to the effect of: "AT LEAST HE PUT FORTH THE EFFORT TO MAKE A VIDEO- WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? But what does it matter if the information presented can't be...challenged? What's the point?)

"OP, you can't argue your points here without being massivly trolled. You are much beter just postulating and asking questions that point people in the right direction. Don't get sucked in, you have more important things to do."

He never argued a single point.

He came back, made a rambling, self-aggrandizing declaration and...promptly split. Disagree with my ideaologies, but that's what happened- dude split. No "arguing" here.

..."shame on you. You should be asking questions and pointing out facts to guide and refine OPs search for the truth, not attacking him for not being perfect.

I am in no way obligated to "guide" or "refine" someone else's hour-plus-long manifesto. The burden of proof is on him. And no one attacked him for not being perfect. No on attacked him at all. He made his declaration, claimed the negative reactions were a coordinated conspiracy (seriously) and split.

"BTW, Swing you are really bright and have superior reasoning to most. If you want to help, just get a little more socratic in your method and you will help others and yourself more along the way."

I'm not sure who that's addressed to. I...ha....sorry but I'm tempted to think it's...I mean, without that typo it kinda looks like.. as my username is...

No. Couldn't be. But if anyone here ever did write anything like that, referencing me, I would just humbly... thank them.

And I would hope they didn't take this post too personal.

I'm just trying to communicate here.

EDIT: sorry, that might sound like I'm making fun of your typo. I'm not. Seriously. Making fun of typos is the last refuge of a coward (!) I'm just...pathologically unable to except...compliments. Of any kind. And it's..."kind of" a compliment.

You've intrigued me though- define "socratic", in regard to my "method". Interesting.
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