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I don't believe in anything, I only speak of what I know. This is not a belief, it is a fact, it is reality. The plasma has nothing to do with the "galactic plane". Plasma is everywhere, in different densities, compositions, temperature/energy levels. My threads on the matter have more than enough, there is no need for me to prove anything here, except it's time to stop believing and start facing reality.

I understand and my question was not in the sense of believing without proof or at least a "good reason".

I asked that having in mind that the rotation of the Galaxy around its center probably produces higher density of all types "massive radiation" (as opposed to photonic or zero mass radiation) in the region of its plane of rotation, which *is* the galactic plane.

In this case I would expected an increased interplanetary plasma when crossing this specific region (of the galactic plane). It's almost obvious that something like this should happen.

My question was also to see if you know if the plasma density is still increasing, or has stopped and start decreasing, etc. If its density has a known dependence with time for, let's say the last decade or so.

You "obviously" don't get it. You should have known that the only plasma is the solar wind and dusty plasma like the interstellar dust, yet now we have "clouds" or "bubbles" of high density plasma streaming into our solar system, ones normally kept away by the sun's magnetic field. We've known the heliosphere was shrinking being compressed for decades, in the past 3 years the cosmic rays density and flux has been rising, solar wind dropping and many other anomalies.

The rise in cosmic ray flux is not coming from the sun, that alone should be enough to start asking if not the sun, then what? Put aside all these stupid, irrational beliefs like planet X, look at the facts, see that something is happening and then put it all together... There are many lies, but there is only one truth; Reality, the universe.
 Quoting: Xenus 


Consciousness is increasing, the more observatories we put in space, the more we see. I agree with you that the belief of PX is irrational. However, with the feverish search for whatever it is they are looking for, it certainly creates a buzz in the minds of the unrest!

Whether it be the search for deadly asteroids, or deadly gamma-rays, the space fever is only going to get worse. Knowledge can be dangerous.

The galactic plane (accretion disk) is a very crowded place, when compared to what we are used to. I could even go as far as to say that the Suns cycles are the result of unknown energy peaks, pulses from our galaxies black hole. As we reach the true center plane for the first time in 88 million years, the resonance is increased because there are more objects to reflect/amplify this energy. That includes more space rocks too!

The insanity of it all is that we can't actually do anything about it!
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