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Consciousness is increasing, the more observatories we put in space, the more we see. I agree with you that the belief of PX is irrational. However, with the feverish search for whatever it is they are looking for, it certainly creates a buzz in the minds of the unrest!

Whether it be the search for deadly asteroids, or deadly gamma-rays, the space fever is only going to get worse. Knowledge can be dangerous.

The galactic plane (accretion disk) is a very crowded place, when compared to what we are used to. I could even go as far as to say that the Suns cycles are the result of unknown energy peaks, pulses from our galaxies black hole. As we reach the true center plane for the first time in 88 million years, the resonance is increased because there are more objects to reflect/amplify this energy. That includes more space rocks too!

The insanity of it all is that we can't actually do anything about it!

Yes, we don't know what PX is, but surely at the very least is not an usual cosmic object.

My point regarding the increased plasma "around" the galactic plane follow the line of your argument about this region being a "crowded place". It's crowded due to centrifugal force and *therefore* all type of massive objects, including interplanetary dust, should concentrate more in this region.
Unless there is a 3rd party force on action, which I believe there isn't.

I also believe for lack of more evidence, that the last Ice Ages have been caused by some force external to the solar system, possibly coming from the center of the Galaxy or not. For example if the interstellar plasma has an oscillatory density this could have an effect on Sun's activity. More so if the Electric model of the Sun is at least in part correct.

The long cycle of the Ice Ages is greatly puzzling.

You say that there are more objects to "reflect/amplify" some possible energy pulses from the center of the Galaxy, which is correct IMO, but on the other hand the crowding could also "deflect" and "dampen" this incoming flux and cause decreased solar activity and, consequently, the Ice Ages?

Just thinking...

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 899054

I have thought this too... You bring up a really good point!
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