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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Ingrid
Post Content

Money is a means to exchange value for goods or services in a convenient way. If all money were abolished, a new money would soon be created.


This new money would only be created if existing money was not replaced by a system which does away with the need for a medium of exchange, by using a more convenient harnessing of reason-based transfers.

Not long after the first nanotechnology replicators are made, scarcity and all the mortgages of the existing money systems will vanish.

Modern man quite literally only ever had gold to carry along his deviant path, so much so, that when his African forebears escaped along the silk road, across the Bering Strait, and down to Atlantis, the AI of Poseidon's men was unable to cope with the black markets of gold and the cannibalism that came with them.

After the gold economy destroyed that telemetry-based AI, which could have been around for the previous 50,000 years, the remnants of both sides chased each other back to Egypt. We know who destroyed the history of Atlantis because we are still using their laws.

Since recorded history was written to surround their money, this few thousand years pales to insignificance as compared with the length of time our newly rediscovered space-age technologies could last.

Poseidon's Canaanites kept some of their ideals but without their AI their systems of society finally lost to the fungibility of the gold stored in the Bank of Rome.

In the grand cycle of things, the telemetry of Atlantis gave way to some quaint misspellings and the tree of life plus a few odd cargo cults. This is the lesson of the Marduk-Tiamat myth and the root cause of the Palestinian crisis.
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