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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Ingrid
Post Content

Not long after the first nanotechnology replicators are made, scarcity and all the mortgages of the existing money systems will vanish.

This may be true for 'hard goods' like refrigerators and computers, but can nano produce food, construct or clean a sewer, cut you hair or treat your injuries?


Why? Yes, I think so. Read what's already started to happen in the fast food industry. [link to www.marshallbrain.com]

The point is not to create nanotechnology and robots. The point is to oust the Jewish leadership cults in government and start over again. The AI with its ant-like loops threading all over the place is activated by individuals, not leaders.

Someone earlier in this thread defined Scarce as anything that if the price were zero, the supply would disappear. Well that's not shown to be so by the likes of The Pirate Bay. Individual humans are far better at deciding what is best to distribute than to rely on a bunch of smarmy hucksters who only live off other people.
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