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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Dr Rowen's site is not related to the contents of the book: [link to www.secondopinionnewsletter.com]
Ron McDonald does all of the promotional appearances: [link to www.newpeopleorder.com]

The thesis of the book (from their site):

1. You are legally a debtor and chattel (property) owned by a hidden creditor.
2. There is a hidden lien on everything transacted for by or with a Federal Reserve Note.
3. Your entire alleged wealth is/has been liened, you donít own anything! You merely have possession by privilege. This privilege may be yanked at any time if you donít obey the real owner.
4. The Federal Reserve Note is a foreign product owned by a foreign corporation, and not by you or the U.S. government.
5. The States and the United States courts are bankruptcy courts representing the interests and property of the foreign creditor.
6. Without knowing it, you have been compelled into international commercial law, where you have none of your unalienable rights. Hence, you have been insulated from your birthright, the common Law from which your rights are immutable.
7. You are charged an income (excise) tax for transacting in the foreign commodity known as Federal Reserve Notes.
8. You have been divested of the rights to, value of, and profits from your labor, which has been stolen.
9. Lawful gold coin (pre 1933) money transactions are invisible to the states and national government(s).
10. The real cause of draconian governmental regulation and your loss of rights is the toxic currency.
11. The United States lost its sovereignty in 1933. It is in receivership to the hidden creditor. The bankrupt government is a puppet to the real master, as declared by Banker Rothschild on the cover.
12. The real cause of the current economic calamity is the toxic currency.
13. The hidden creditor (international bankers) owns everything, including you.
14. You have been living within an illusion, believing that you are free, but in reality you are owned! [First Matrix Movie]

Buy the book: [link to www.newpeopleorder.com]

[link to gcnlive.com] (27.5 Megabyte file, Two Hours)(this is better than the next audio file)
[link to www.americanfreedomradio.com] (this is worth listening to)(6.05 Megabyte file, 1 hour)
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