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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Get rid of the money system; then get rid of governments (a GLP thread)by altering the concepts of what money actually is.

One general error: the concept that only one system is possible and that is likely based upon a precious metal (pick your choice) is itself very limiting.

Try this for consideration:

Money exists as an extension of language by means of symbols and contracts that allow the ownership and distribution of real things by proxy.

All symbols of money are token in nature, and the underlying issue is the counterfeiting problem. (I define counterfeiting as lying with money symbols). The usage of precious metals for your tokens is essentially an anti-counterfeiting measure.

Once you grasp this principle, you start to see the truth in the old maxim "In commerce, truth is sovereign."

If a gold certificate can be valid money, recognize that a gold certificate is a warehouse receipt and if you can create a warehouse receipt for most of the products and commodities available to the market.

That leaves out the concept of hypothecating the promise to create and deliver value in the future - generally also recognized as having value. In fact, it is my conclusion that this (the Mandrake Mechanism) is a very very valuable aspect of the present system. However, you must read and understand what Auriti asked about the process involved in the assignment of value to money and the ownership thereafter to recognize that such a debt based monetary system can only be stabilized by setting up banks in an agency relationship to all creators of value and vesting the seigniorage in the people.

Demurrage in turn can be used to extract the cost of running this agency and precious metals can be used in a performance bond role where the same are recognized as a "store of value."

The issue of proper assignment of seigniorage is the underlying issue in the redemption of the strawman movement.
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