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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Levi Philos
Post Content
Lets take a second and review some things...

First the fed, the fed is a subsidiary of the IMF and all other central banks, including but not limited to the Russian, Asian and Arab central banks....in other words the entire world..

What is money, money is the "gas" that gets men to get up and go, it is meaningless, it is the resources and labor that matter, the money however is an illusion, he who has the most believable illusion, has the most powerful currency and thus the most productive citizens and thus country....alla USA

Now as the generational brainwash has been handed down generation after generation, we now have a unasinous vapid minded population that grew unaware of the primary function and purpose of a "government" is to be the STEWARDS AND PROTECTORS OF A "FREE" MONEY PRINTED BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE...


a building
some workers
some presses
some ink
some paper

"The kinko's printing operation ensues"

So....how much does this cost?

Maybe 30 mil?

So that's what you should be paying in APPORTIONED TAX for the privilege of using your money...30 mil divided by 300 mil

Not a private co. selling the money to you at interest,,, cause baby now your borrowing it...and what kind of government would protect such a deal...a deal that enslaves its people for many future generations...

Why a government that is taken over and run by the people that print your money...

Because if we can control the spending habits of the country we can control the borrowing...ie. profit for us the private bank...

Your income tax goes to governmental expansion and 6% dividends off of EVERYTHING...IE. DOUBLE DIPPING

Fiat money is fine...

This is us, the people of the usa, our total output is x amount of dollars in labor and goods...we print x amount of faith based money to back up our effort...

That's all fiat money is...and the principal is fine.... JUST NOT WHEN ITS IN THE HANDS OF PRIVATE CORPS.

Ron Paul is right about one thing...people are waking up to the shell game...

We want our money back

We want to re-write the tax code with apportioned taxation only

We want war to stop

We want tax, license, fees shoved back into the ass from which it came

Everything that was good from 1776- 1912 has been erased by theses private Zionist companies and their cohorts....energy,war machines and pharma...

There are no democrat, there are no Republicans...or any in between....

There are actors, and there is the audience...

You know what to do


The world federation of truth loves you

All you need do is believe

The rest will take care of itself

WFT yoda
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 963441

This very effective quote came from page five of the Ron Paul thread: Thread: Ron Paul: Inside Sources Told Me Fed Is Panicking At Mass Awakening (Page 5)

My commentary to follow.
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