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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Levi Philos
Post Content
For those people who still buy into the illusion that only gold is the proper medium of exchange I offer this model.

You gold people have already heard from some who point out how little gold there is in the world. Total quantity divided by 6+ billion gives a pretty small number ~less than a gram per human or something...

Anyway, Merrill Jenkins in his book MONEY, THE GREATEST HOAX ON EARTH suggested thin ribbons or threads embedded in plastic.

Taken the next step... Consider the thin gold film material used as spacecraft protection... The gold layer is just a few atoms thick with the carrier plastic film being less than a millimeter thick. These materials can be sliced into narrow ribbons and cut to short lengths and embedded into plastic credit card type material.

Thus, gold can be introduced as direct medium of exchange in micro-gram and milligram weights with the weight stamped and embossed on the face of the plastic card. When the card gets worn from use, just heat the whole thing sufficiently to melt the plastic and the gold which will pool the gold to the bottom. Recycle...

It is one of my postulates that gold deposits in the older version (read Rothbard on Scottish banking) were actually functioning as performance bonds binding upon the bankers. The fear of a run forced them to make their interest bearing contracts moderately extortive and fillable - a moderating influence.
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