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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Jet Graphics
Post Content
Outside the Asylum - of money mad people; written by Jet Graphics, and revised November 4, 2008


[1] A medium of exchange

[2] Accounting symbol

[3] Proportional to marketplace


[4] No intrinsic value outside of the marketplace


[5] real


[6] be saved nor save "value"

[7] be invested, at usury, in a finite money token system

[8] be owned, in the sense that it can be bought and sold


[9] be limited or under restriction, save that of the marketplace

[10] be under the control of parasites (government, usurers)

[11] be worshiped

[12] be a goal of one's life

[1,2,3] Money is a medium of exchange that facilitates the creation and trade of usable (surplus) goods and services. It is a mechanism that simplifies trade of different items, services, and volumes. As an accounting symbol, for the value of all goods and services in the marketplace, it must be proportional to that marketplace. If it ceases to be proportional, then someone will suffer inequitable trade. Therefore an equitable money system cannot be scarce, nor have intrinsic value independent of the marketplace, for which it is an abstraction for.
If you comprehend that usury, socialism, and pauperization are wrong. And if you decide that you do not wish to consent to subjugation as a citizen, obedient to the servant government. Nor do you wish to live as a pauper, dependent upon charity from the public treasury. And you wish to enjoy your Creator's endowment of dominion over the earth, and sovereignty (*Self Rule) over your person, labor and that which you traded your labor for...
Now What?

Facts we know:

[] Private property ownership and sovereignty are inseparable. A king without a domain is sovereign over nothing but himself. He needs permission (license) everywhere he goes, lest he trespasses.
[] Natural and personal liberty are exercised by American nationals, free inhabitants, domiciled within the U.S.A.
[] The constitutional government recognizes the rules of the common law, regarding private property, if the value in question exceeds 20 dollars (gold or silver).
[] Private property shall not be taken for public use, without just compensation (lawful money).

Problems we know of:

[] The servant government is bankrupt, and beholden to usurers.
[] Constitutional lawful money is scarce, and insufficient to operate as an efficient medium of exchange.
[] Usury, Socialism, and other abominations have perverted the servant government, and the people who have submitted to it, via citizenship and national socialism.
[] Land and housing costs, denominated in dollars, but are actually in reference to Federal Reserve notes (no par value), are grossly overpriced, and cannot be equitably purchased with lawful money at this time. The exchange rate between worthless notes and lawful money is inequitable.
[] The usury and income tax inflated economy is going through a "correction", where a proportion of debtors and unsecured creditors will be dispossessed of their valuable property.

Problems we can expect:

[] The suffering and pain of the "correction" will trigger unpleasant reactions, ranging from individual acts of senseless violence, to organized predation, as people try to stay alive.
[] The complex and vulnerable network of international trade that usurers feed upon is tottering. As the recession reduces trade, raises the cost for shipping, reduces the amount of imported goods, fuel, and other necessities, stocks will be depleted over time. Once those stocks are gone, no amount of money will matter, for the marketplace will be bare.
[] Fear and panic will trigger irrational behavior, unreasonable demands, and may instigate a draconian backlash (martial law?).

My personal subjective prescription:

A. Educate yourself, ASAP
B. Set your goals - whether simple survival, or restoration of lost status, or the creation of long term prosperity.
C. Find agreeable folks, who you can cooperate with, and acquire enough land to build a village (preferable defensible).
D. Establish enterprises that can produce surplus goods and services, food and necessities, so that you and yours can prosper outside of the money mad society.
E. Live a balanced and moderate life, taking time to enjoy living while making a livelihood.
F. Accumulate a stock of necessities, sufficient to survive 24 months - just in case.
G. And may you find yourself blissfully unaffected by the chaos erupting all around.
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