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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Levi Philos
Post Content
Labor done creates things of value to human exchange, and at the end of the day whatever work has been done - EXISTS. Concepts such as "debt" & "credit" are just allocative mechanisms by which distribution and ownership of created value is assigned to people.

Existentially speaking, there is no government; there is no money system. The only day anyone can ever get anything done is today; this day.

Things like money systems and governments are imaginary institutions - collective delusions if you will.

That any money symbol such as a gold or silver coin has value is just another segment of the collective delusion.

These institutions are created as methodologies toward assuring the continuation of your family unit and your genes through affiliations with larger tribal units and extending to the limits of your (our) imaginations. Money systems are about allocating the distribution and ownership of the day's production of things of value that extend human life, and governments hopefully are about protecting those allocations and ownerships.

Money is a communication via spoken and written symbols that exist as an extension of language; counterfeiting is any act of lying with money symbols, and using precious metal coinage is simply an anti-counterfeiting (lie stopping) mechanism. The question: "How is a Tally Stick like a Gold Coin?" is answered by the observation that both have excellent anti-counterfeiting characteristics.

Interest bearing hypothecated debt created by the double-entry bookkeeping mechanism as a form of money grows the debt in an exponential manner. It is the "Galloping Gertie" money system.

If bridge engineers were as locked into their thinking as monetarists, we would still be using the same set of plans as used to build "Galloping Gertie" the Tacoma Narrows bridge.

A money system is really no different than a set of plans for a bridge or any other structure. If certain engineered harmonics are a cause of failure, throw the plans out and build without the harmonics. That is what the bridge engineers did, and that is what monetary engineers must do.
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