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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Nancy Lazaryan
Post Content
I just posted this at the RAP/Nesara blog in response to Casper's rantings:
[link to nesaranews.blogspot.com]

You are just a voice piece for the bankers.
This whole mess STARTED by the bankers created gold-backed certificates. It morphed into the debt-based currency. With the bankers funding both sides of ALL wars, the bankers required the nations to pledge their land and their people.

This is why the income tax collected by the IRS does nothing more than pay the interest on the loan for the IMF. We will NEVER pay back the loan, as the people will always be paying interest only.

Casper, you are a disinformation agent. Why do you not tell the truth? The debt-based bankers got too greedy. They sucked too much out of the people, and the entire fiat banking system is in collapse.

This new Basel III gold-backed currency is NOTHING MORE than a magician's slight of hand. The bankers will still have control of all the nations, as they will control the world central bank, and the lions share of the gold.

EVERY nation should tell the IMF to get the hell out.
They should create their own currency, based upon PRODUCTION and not upon debt. Screw everyone else. Save your country. Control your own currency.

BTW each of the states in the Union of the states of America have the same power to control the currency within their state.

Everyone that is expecting a "prosperity package", I hope to God that you are not being used as a pawn to re-establish the power of the world central gold-standard bank. Yep. They need people to distribute their gold-backed currency worldwide.

John, I dare you to post this.
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