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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Levi Philos
Post Content
Consider first in an allegorical sense, some computer history and writing. First, Joel Spolsky, "The Law of Leaky Abstractions" [link to www.joelonsoftware.com] {quote JS} All non-trivial abstractions, to some degree, are leaky. {/quote}

A money system is to human society as an operating system is to a computer.

A money system is a meme set (files) that collate together and provide rationalization and allocation of the output of human effort.

With computers, we only need to go back to the 80s, but with money systems we must go back thousands of years.

The first money was in the form of warehouse receipts backed by families and carried a family crest. These might have been stamped on clay pieces or they might have been leather disks.

So, I must ask: "Accountants count, but what are they counting?"
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