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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle gemcrusher
Post Content
Consider which of these would be the better thing to hold:

1: 1000 FRNs
2: A paycheck for 1000 FRNs
3: 1000 bananas?

The question would be, can you sell the 1000 bananas for 1.01 FRNs each? Well, that's not the question, but they do go bad, and you do have to move them quickly or face an equity loss.

Whereas the FRNs, though silly, do allow some time for bananas to reach the hungry.

But oh so many middlemen have to create item #2, the paycheck, for each of the millions of peeps, in order for the bananas not to rot. Or wait, is it really so hard to give a yummy 'nana to some hungry kid? Hmm.. This modern economics makes my head spin. I can't imagine any child wanting to spend four years in a University to pay to become one of the titled economists who get blamed when it fails. Better to wait for the banana than to play along with the game that says bananas are like gold. To a child, you cannot compare a banana to a gold coin. One is yummy and one is not. And Reserve Notes, well, who knows what the fuck they are.
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