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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle dru you feel me?
Post Content
Oh what's that? All the mortgage backed 'securities' (truly hilarious term) are now crap, according to the Mass. Supremes?

It took them over a year to decided that.

They are the slowest justices ever, these "MERS" land court justices.

Like a slurpee which takes an hour to fill the cup.


...goes the sound of "justice"

in regards to "securities"

Based on "homes"

yes, "homes" which actually PROVIDE SECURITY MEANING A ROOF. Homes as such, are now insecure, securities, and therefore, insecure. What kind of supreme assery, does it take to make homes, insecure, en mass?

This thread is the epic thread of the Earth, 2011, signed, sealed certified. If we ever get to talking, I can't wait to refer to this thread. Chock full o' goodness.

There are some remnants somewhere on this domain, where I discussed the MERS thing, it was some thread called "Yours truly is taking on the banks" and written by some dude. I wish I could find it and bounce it, but all IP "truth" domains of 2011 have crap searches on purpose it seems.
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