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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle columbian blow
Post Content
Let's set the issue of drugs aside for a second. Let's discuss the real.

A man, will sacrifice everything (or risk everything at least), for the right oral service.

That service, costs about 20 FRNs on your average street corner. Throw in five bucks for a box of condoms and you're good to go.

But the cop (who is a paycheck-recieving non-thinking tool of the judge) is ordered/required to harass and fuck with, the givers of oral service. From where do those silly orders issue? What makes a judge and a cop, conspire to remove oral service from the population?

And the cop and the judge and the gangster are all massive hypocrites, because they too, enjoy oral service (perhaps from their fellow males it's true, but nevertheless, they are hypocrites.

So the empowered-ghey-hypocrite-class represents a huge evil in that they secretly know, that oral service is desired by humans, but they police it so that it can only happen within certain vague situations like getting married and shit like that. They will disallow the servicing! What right do they have, to prevent normal behavior and transaction?

Most of the laws which got written first in these US counties, were laws designed to curb "sodomy" ...But in sodom, it was men who wanted to rape other men! Totally ghey. So the law books are written by the same sort of sodomites, who fail to realize, that at sodom, Lot offered his sweet virgin daughters --and the ghey men and boys turned these down! Sodomy means: The religion of women hating.

If you want to fight sodomy, then Lot of the bible, explains how that can be done. But I am saying the daughters of Lot should have some say in the process. Lot tried to save sodom in the bible, but he failed. Notice that when the sweet females were rejected by these men, the angels knew the whole city was toast. They then said "flee!" but not until the holy cup of Lot's daughters, was rejected. Only then, did they designate the city for destruction. They allowed Lot to try his gambit.

Since these men in power, are massively hypocritical, and hugely ghey, in their hatred for lovely streetwalking ladies who provide oral service, then perhaps you can see the new way I am describing?

There is not a man alive, who wouldn't jump at the right flavor of oral service. If it costs 20 FRNs, let's say, then why is it so hard to get the service? If a man work for 8 hours at a post-IRS wage of say 100 FRNs per day, that's 5 oral services per day --A SURPLUS OF SLURP-US.

The average daily US wage of FRNs will pay for more oral service than a man (or woman) can really enjoy. So why is the world so fucked up by these men in power, who secretly get their jollies (as I explained on the last page) while they are also, wrecking the world through their fraternal ghey societies? Why the manloving, and why the womanhating? What is the genus of their hatred for the female?

It seems simple to this observor, that 100 FRNs per day will pay for at least two oral servicings, and also will pay for a vehicle, and shelter, and food.

So in the "new economy", what you really have to do, is remove the ghey and anti-sex elements, who run the courts.

The judge has a penis pump under the desk, as he sends hookers to jail. Isn't that funny? It's hilarious in fact. There is no gheyer place than the upper teirs of the pyramid where wimmen hating is their religion. It's funny.

When the time comes, the wimmen will be free to encourage the better men to rise up (ahem) and remove the normal-sex-haters, i.e. sodomites, wimmen haters. I am not advocating revolution, just a more real existence.

End sodomy worldwide, by empowering women just like the biblical Lot did, when he was faced with a city full of sodomites. Women are the greatest thing ever made, and it is a damn shame there are so few real men who will rise to that truth.
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