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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle gembouncer
Post Content
Redemption Manual 4.5 Edition Companion CD 08-25-2009.zip [9.86 MiB]
[link to forum.worldfreemansociety.org]

The balance contains 6 image files in JPEG format, 7 PDF files, and 49 MS Word files
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3131543

Nice package.

Unfortunately, M$ Word viruses, were the first ones to be made. I am not saying this package has virii, but it does have the similarly conspiratorial crapload of docx vs. doc versus txt files ...IT based crapload. A testament to how little the people actually understand about their tools.

I work with IT systems and structures. I noticed years ago, that computer systems would be used against humans. I found that the leaders in IT, A: saw the workers as the enemy, and B: knew their whole department was a cost, a thing to be reduced. I realized this around 1995 or so, shortly after 1993 world trade 1st FAILbomb.

Therefore do we now have stuxnet and all manner of craptastic wonderfully cancerous junk in our information technology companies and institutions.

Drones themselves are utterly stupid in their current technology path. Soon, a drone will strike, and they will have to hold a meeting to figure out who was controlling it at the moment of firing. Do you see the frame becoming smaller?

Anyway, this document package, describes how the 'mericans are gonna take it back "through the courts!" ...Which is doomed for the failboat, as all lawyers (esquires) are beholden to European powers. That is what wellspring which doth produce their titles and ennoblement.

I have suggested a method called "Superjury"(tm) on some other trooth domain on ye internetes. In this modality, all courts are replaced by mass-voting in stadiums. I advocate "The Wave" as a way to replace the ballot. People assembled peacefully, entertainingly, and humbly, inside stadiums around the world, voting actual issues, by doing "The Wave" ala USA invention of stadium celebratory communicative actions. People make their wave-vote by selection of direction, clockwise for yea, counterclockwise for nay.

I forget which trooth domain I posted this on, they all seem to blend together, turdlike. And yet, every turd has peanuts in it. But woe to him who must pick the peanut out from the loaf.

And if the trooth-domains of today, 2011, be loafed turdlike such that they block the G.I. tract of Earth (metaphorically speaking this is), and if the colon of Earth be blocked such that humanity itself is poisoned and septic with usurious ideas like "Everlasting Debt" and "Non-Forgiveness as Law", well, it is 100% certain that the universal enema, will occur. I am saying we could make it easy. We could make it fun. People need not feel that the complete and entire collapse of the old way, should separate them each from their neighbor. No, because Superjury (tm) will bond them in large groups, to decide the ten or twenty key issues, and to massively dispel the bad memes from the heads of the people of Earth.

The alternative to Superjury, of course, is Judge Dredd. You may also have seen Judge Dredd in the other form called "Jedi". Judge, Jury and Excecutioner, all because people did not converge to Superjury (tm). If you do not seize the jury, as a right for the people, it will be used to bring executioners. That is the point as I explained on some other trooth domain.

Nice thread here! One for the ages!
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