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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle shiny
Post Content
Here is a question:

Are corporate or muni "bonds", as good as gold?

to a blind person, a handful of gold, and a handful of tungsten, would weigh the same. Perhaps even smell the same?

But one is nigh-worthless.
And the other, is the most hypnotic metal on Earth.

Can we say that an authority, can be as hypnotic, as gold? The power of the Nazis, and Goering's slave-industry. Was that an effective coining of gold, from blood? Hmmm.

And can any authority, a corporate board or municipality, or church let us say, also be as worthless, as tungsten?

Can a corporate board or a municipalitic corporation, or church be full of both assholes, and saints, i.e. tungsten and gold?

That is to say, a municipal corporate board or commercial corporate board, can each be considered like a discrete bar of gold. But each corporate board, and each municipal body, can be salted with tungsten. And therefore, a little leaven, can be said to ferment the whole bar?

So in the quest for purer gold, won't you seek better corporations, meaning, better authority?

And therefore, seek the latter first, and you will have the former. Would be my advice. Only by restoring the concept of "the body" meaning, restoring honor to corporate forms, can you ever remove all the tungsten from the gold.
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