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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle gembouncer
Post Content

at 8:22 Ben explains who is stealing Japan's money, surely a century-old game as per Jacob Schiff and whomever backed him.

Key phrase "World Level Gangsters"

It's like a bunch of blind people explaining an elephant (or an octopus). "An elephant is like a snake!" says the man holding the elephant's tail. And the other one says "No, it's like a tree trunk" as he hugs the leg of the elephant, and they each have a part of the elephant.

But there's a very smart blind man not mentioned in this classic tale. He's the blind man who says: "Whatever an elephant is, its fucking huge so watch out."

But say blind men hold an octopus?

How shall these blind men count the tentacles?

And can an octopus kill a human with its beak? Whatever blind man's fingers find the octopus' beak is soon to have a definition quite different than those who hold the soft and gentle parts of it.
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