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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle iron rods as money
Post Content
Topical here:

[link to upintelligence.multiply.com]

A stamp in 1875 for 1/8th of a barrel of beer?

Take one down

Pass it around

999,999,999,999 stamps of beer on the wall

Hmm, beer stamps in 1875... Who uses child labor in their vineyards? Who sells booze and heroin to the natives? Who uses slavery as their tool to riches?

Hmm, who said impious beer-hating Kings must die?

Hmm, how long between 1875 and the 18th Amendment? Was Woody Wilson a Jesuit as Mandell House was? And how long have their group been using little boys' feet to smash the grapse that make them rich?

18th Amendment made both the FBI/IRS and the Mafia as well. And to whom do the Mafia and the Jesuits tithe?

And that was before 1933. QUESTION: Were beer stamps confiscated in 1933 as well? Get on it an post the answer here. Or don't, it doesn't matter anyway. ;)
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