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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle iron greenbacks
Post Content

Awesome shit here, Benjamin says he tactically advised his allies to nuke-tsunami the East Coast.

There's a lot of flabblebabble these days, but Ben's stuff is epic. I mean the guy does speak Japanese and he seems to say the right things.

But as internet persona "Reinhardt" has explained, canal building is used by colonizing and land grabbing forces.

How about a right to dig your own grave? Isn't that a right?

And what if ye dig not a grave, but a sepulchur, in which to hold the bones of all the ones you love? Shalln't that also be a right? Can anyone say it is not a right, to dig a mass grave for you and your family, as the rich people do? They call these crypts or whatever, but what they really are, is radiation shelters.

Yes because a nuke bunker is also a tomb if you run out of food. However on the converse, if you could reinforce a grave sufficiently and wire some solar and water collection above ground, why, a grave would suit a person quite nicely, as an underground home.

Therefore shalln't we say that a man and a woman have the right to dig themselves an underground house? Isn't a trick of law, if lawyers call it a "structure" and thereby attach codes? Nay, for ye prohibit the people to dig their own graves. That is something even Satan cannot abide.

Therefore I assume the words of Satan would be, let us have a person to person right to dig their own grave, and call it a radiation shelter. If you could provoke the courts to allow that right, the smart ones would use that right, to dig into the Earth.

Think of the film Dr. Strangelove, but democratized, with each citizen being allowed to close the 'mineshaft gap'.

Think about it. A COTUS amendment that allows the right to dig shelter in which to possibly die. Call it a bunker, a grave a dugout, a home. How else to escape radiation?
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