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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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... I think the bankers are like a bunch of children pretending to be adults while playing a game where your ability to create lies and sell the lies to the other players is the most important part of the game...

There is a poker game called "liar's poker." I am not real knowledgeable about this, but as I understand-

a hand of cards is passed around the table where each player can keep as many cards as desired and/or exchange some from a "draw" stack. The exchanged cards are put in separate "discard" pile that is now out of play.

The previous player has made a statement about the value of the hand, and the subsequent player did not challenge, so now the subsequent player must have a hand that is of slightly (or much) higher value. It really is a game of bluff and the player's ability at selling a lie.

There is a book named after the game: Liar's Poker: Rising Through the Wreckage on Wall Street, by Michael Lewis.

Anyway, this whole federal reserve (not federal, no reserve) is a con job where top economists and treasury agents are engaged in a complex game of liar's poker that involves thousands of players directly involved and all the rest of the people indirectly involved.

The process of creating interest bearing hypothecated notes of debt involves a loan of ten (imaginary) marbles and a demand back of eleven (imaginary) marbles where the eleventh marble was never created.

"The Eleventh Marble" (Michael Rivero)(do your search)

Franklin Sanders calls it "The Parable of the Cards" (do your search)

( 52 cards divided among 4 participants [13 each], but the bank demands interest in the form of 14 cards returned by each participant)

This phenomena has also been called "the eleventh round"

I must admit I personally got caught up in this part of the illusion for some years - while missing a larger part of the illusion.

The marbles were stolen in the first place!
They were stolen from you and me!

The larger part of the illusion concerns the vesting of the seigniorage.

By default, when the gold was taken from the people and placed in vaults, the federal reserve note became by default an instrument of credit.

Everything you believe you own including your intellectual and physical labor became collateral, but there was no public account to offset the debt.

If you do a search on the net for this phrase: "In commerce, truth is of the essence" you will discover a set of rules that are generally agreed upon - these rules are quite old and predate the formation of the US of A. The rules held true while differences of account were settled in specie money, but when specie money was withdrawn, the game of money converted to the game of "Liar's Poker Money."

The specie money settlement was functioning as a reference standard and served as settlement of account differences - and also functioned as a performance bond.
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