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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Coratia July 10 - 12 meeting:
Croatia lies east of Italy at the north end across the Adriatic sea.
Map: [link to www.lonelyplanet.com]

Crom forum discussion: [link to cromalternativemoney.org]
Not much discussion except for one category; END THE FED has 53 replies.

Sponsored by the Crom alternative currency group. [link to cromalternativemoney.org]

The link to details of the conference is failing to open this May 15 am: [link to www.teslaconference.org]

Some philosophical introduction is found here:
[link to cromalternativemoney.org]

The city of Split Crotia is described by Lonely Planet as:

As the largest Croatian city on the Adriatic coast and a major transport hub, Split (‘Spalato’ in Italian) is more exciting than relaxing. With a massive port sending ferries out to the Dalmatian islands and beyond, Split is a nearly obligatory stop on a Dalmatian visit. Although ringed with apartment-block housing of stupefying ugliness, the remarkable Diocletian’s Palace (a World Heritage site) makes a visit to the city more than worthwhile. In the centre of town, within the ancient walls of Diocletian’s Palace, rises the majestic cathedral surrounded by a tangle of marble streets containing shops and businesses. The entire western end of town is a vast, wooded mountain park with beaches below and pathways above. A refurbished harbourside promenade lined with cafés makes for a pleasant stroll, and the high coastal mountains set against the blue Adriatic provide a striking frame, best appreciated as your ferry heads into or out of the port.

[link to www.lonelyplanet.com]
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