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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Mandrake Mechanism by Griffin and Social Credit

Griffin's Mandrake Mechanism is all over the place; easy to find.
It explains how double entry bookkeeping creates the credit based upon the deposit of your promissory note.
The promissory note is created and signed by you and deposited in an account and becomes the backing for the credit entry made in an account in your name.

The government under Roosevelt collectivized the credit of the people of the nation and granted a right by license to the banks to loan the people's credit to the individual "depositor." It could be argued that the proper time to file a lien [a lien against one's own promissory note] would have been in the interval of time between when the promissory note was signed and the credit entry at the bank created. The banks applied for the license and were enabled to "loan money" when the general perception was that "there is no money."

Like I wrote - there is no administrative policy in place nor is there any law that creates an off-set account in the name of the people. By the process of collectivizing the people's credit and claiming said credit in the name of 'government' all the wealth of the nation ends up in the ownership of the banker. It is a 24/7 365 days per year aggregation scheme.

Read what Lee Brobst wrote about the Exon: [link to usa-the-republic.com]

Incidentally, the social credit proposals of Major Clifford Douglas (1930s) were an attempt to place purchasing power into the hands of the poor. Thus creating a "trickle up" flow that to some measure brought some equity back to the people.

Social Credit, Major Clifford Douglas [link to www.douglassocialcredit.com]
Social Credit - the book - [link to www.mondopolitico.com]
A library of social credit related material: [link to www.alor.org]
Buy the books: [link to www.douglassocialcredit.com]
Thoughts of Douglas [link to www.alor.org]
The Use of Social Credit [link to www.alor.org]
Restore to the people the control of their own wealth.
Louis Even [link to www.michaeljournal.org]
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