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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Regarding the "Economic Collapse Blog"

The debt is equally as imaginary as the money system.

It bears the same relationship to the physical economy as a map does to the physical geography.

If you threw a topographic map of your neighborhood into a burning fireplace - would you rush to the window expecting to see the roads, hills, streams, and the whole neighborhood burst into flames?

Money is imaginary.

It exists as a special extension of language where by means of symbols and contracts humans are enabled the exchange, distribution, and ownership of real things.

A smoothly working money system is greatly preferred to daily battle and competition over basic needs.

If the so-called economy is collapsing, it is because of design flaws in the system - what is needed is a monetary system engineer. Not a politician. Not an attorney. Somebody who understands systems engineering.

The concept of debt within an engineered monetary system is a valid and useful concept; however one of the flaws of this system is it allows the debt to grow - and the growth is not simple addition - the growth is an exponential function. That flaw is the very first that must be eliminated.

The second and equally important flaw is the wrongful assignment of seigniorage. When money was a specie coin of precious or semi-precious metal or a warehouse receipt redeemable in said coin - then a high percentage of the seigniorage was vested in the coinage. As money was slowly converted over a period of decades from a *thing* into a credit entry - the presumption of law and administrative policy was that the seigniorage was the property of the administration.

This second flaw means that since all seigniorage is vested in administration then all goods, services, and commodities are owned by the administration.

These two flaws work together in a symbiotic fashion to cause the very problems identified in the "Economic Collapse Blog."

If not corrected in a peaceful fashion, these errors of design will be corrected in a decidedly non-peaceful manner.
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