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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle phase-bius maximus
Post Content
Hey, you don't need to define an "instrument", because any fucking idiot can tell what sounds right and what sounds like shit.

[link to www.regulations.gov]

Amendment to the Bank Secrecy Act Regulations – Definition of “Monetary Instrument”

Docket ID: FINCEN-2011-0003
Although the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009 (CARD Act), section 503, required the issuance of "regulations in final form implementing the Bank Secrecy Act, regarding the sale, issuance, redemption, or international transport of stored value, including stored value cards" by February 2010, we interpret the disjunctive "or" to allow for a phased approach. FinCEN has cleared a final rule on Prepaid Access that provides the necessary foundation for this proposed rulemaking on international transport. The CARD Act authorizes "regulations regarding international transport," of prepaid access devices, including "reporting requirements pursuant to Section 5316 of title 31, United States Code." Pursuant to this authority FinCEN is proposing to amend the regulations issued under 31 U.S.C. 5316, namely the definition of "monetary instrument" at 31 CFR 1010.100(dd) and the international transport of currency and monetary instrument reporting requirement at 31 CFR 1010.340, to include tangible prepaid access devices. The current regulations require that a form be filed reporting the international transportation, mail, or shipment of currency or other monetary instruments in an aggregate amount that exceeds $10,000. The term "monetary instrument" is defined in the BSA to include currency and a variety of bearer negotiable instruments, securities, and similar items, but does not specifically include any types of prepaid access devices. Nevertheless, FinCEN has regulatory authority to expand the definition of monetary instruments to include items deemed to be "similar materials" to coins and currency of a foreign country, travelers' checks, bearer negotiable instruments, bearer investment securities, bearer securities, and stock on which title is passed on delivery.
 Quoting: da code in embryo

QUESTION: If the max cash ceiling is 10,000 dollars, but the value of the dollar in real money (coins aka specie) is not true, since the dollar is debt, and specie is positive money, then why hasn't the 10,000 ceiling been raised, as the price of gold goes up?

This idea if "you plebes will not carry 10k or more" seems to fail, when any plebe can carry say 30 lbs of gold on them with no problem, that's 30lbs * 16oz = 480oz * 1700 "dollars" = $816,000 dollars.

I hope you can see what is/has/will be/being/has been done/doing is being accomplished by code-knowing collegiate sages, who see the plebes as dangerous, if not controlled.

Money must be tangible and have weight, I have explained the King of Iron and what he will bring. Thanks Levi Philos for this great thread.
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