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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sacred Economics - Charles Eisenstein
You gotta name a book something and a catchy title sells better than for instance:

Profane Economics; and many people could make that case.

And the facts show that "gift economies" fell apart everywhere when ever a better system arrived.

Natural law always prevails over laws men write and place upon tablets... books I mean.

Natural law is like gravity. Perhaps you could convene a congress of men and women to write a law that says the law of gravity is now repealed.

Try stepping off the side of a 40 story building and see how that works for you.

However, things are seldom that simple - especially in economics.

That's why you could lay all the economists in the world end to end and they still wouldn't reach a conclusion.

(an old joke)

Gresham's law is a natural law. No matter who tries to contravene, over-write, or modify Gresham's law in the end it prevails.

Disintermediation is also natural law (in my opinion); the exact prediction of all possible events and permutations of an implementation of a system of decentralized mutual credit is quite impossible.

The super-interested reader might conduct a search for "crowd sourcing" finance as this is related.

End... for now.
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