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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The term "disintermediation" is an economic term whose most frequent interpretation is "cutting out the middle-man."

So, I was reading Charles Eisenstein on disintermediation in his book SACRED ECONOMICS where he was explaining how Craigslist (a profitable business) has made advertising cheaper and more efficient while eliminating newspaper advertising. The ratio is at least ten to one - that is to say that for every dollar of profit Craigslist generates ten dollars (or more) is eliminated from the newspapers budget.

Disclaimer; my endorsement of the Charles Eisenstein book does not equate to "you should believe everything he writes or speaks." I merely recommend the book - there is a lot of thought provoking material to be found within the covers.

One good hit for a search for Charles Eisenstein: [link to www.countercurrents.org]

Credit given; the first time I encountered such arguments was in correspondence with Robert Hettinga about 1998-99.

Hettinga has not been producing much correspondence lately.

However, Hettinga frequently said that the geodesic economy would disintermediate government as an overhead removal tactic.

What I have written before (to the Tea Party group and other places) is that "government" which at one time may have been set up to protect people's rights and property has now degenerated to a bunch of pirates and road bandits with stationary offices. The people are made to line up in lines, genuflect to the officer, sign the paperwork and pay the toll for whatever activity they wish to pursue.

Embedded within the (incomplete) communication theory of money is the idea of competition in money types.

Precious metal coinage exchange competes with tokens of no intrinsic value...


This post is not a complete model - it is hopefully a starting point for some readers.

The concept I am advancing is that decentralized mutual credit can "disintermediate" centralized credit.

Check out what Hettinga wrote on the geodesic economy.
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