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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My solution is considerably different from that of Gonzalo who suggests - just let it all fail.

This quick and dirty analysis and solution was written mid July of 2002 and suggests the solution lies in Gesellian economic models.


Written in humor and jest. Michael Linton magical gas mentioned also. (See btm)

Try to picture money as soap bubbles with dollar signs inside, or whatever currency symbol is in use in your locality.

These soap bubbles are lawfully created by use of expanding gas that expands at an exponential rate.

The soap bubbles are kept in containers of various sizes and composition but resemble barrels, pails and buckets, and sieves, and are moved from container to container by men with pails.

The containers are labeled "trusts", "stocks", "endowments", "off shore accounts", "investment funds", "demand accounts", "pension funds", etc.

Each container is tended carefully by one or more persons according to the size of the container. Some of the largest vats have hundreds of people tending them.

People all over the world are working long hours gathering soap bubbles to put into the containers of their choice. They work at telephones and desks calling other people in efforts to gather soap bubbles. Some merely dig ditches and stewards assigned to care for these less endowed individuals carefully gather worker's soap bubbles and insert them into the large vat labeled "social security."

It has been noticed lately that the soap bubbles are bursting.

Congressperson Butler calls out "The soap bubbles are bursting! Surely we must add certain polymers to the soap mixture so that these bubbles cannot burst."

Congressperson Smiley says "The internal surface of the containers is too rough, we must create a law that says the internal surface be created of the smoothest material known."

Member of Parliament Perfidious Albion yells: "Watch that guy! I just saw him running off with a bucket of small suds!"

Duma member Noxious Nyet notices the sieve: "Who is pouring bubbles into the sieve? Are you prozhektërstvo? (hare-brained schemer)

United Nations representative Au Grande Serieux submits a resolution that the barrels must be assigned Centurions to watch for theft.

All is naught as the bubbles that have been inflated with the magical expanding gas continue to burst.

Economic philosopher Levi Philos points out: Inflate the bubbles instead with magical Gesellian contracting gas */1, */3. When everyone notices the bubbles shrink over time and if left too long completely disappear, then an urgency develops in the care and handling of these bubbles. Some will notice that one or more barrels are merely being poured into while others are extracting and these barrels can be removed from the cycle. Others will notice that stealing buckets of bubbles doesn't work very well because of the shrinkage so that less guards are needed. Entire boiler rooms full of telephone solicitors empty as their managers notice that no shortage of bubbles exists, but smart people are needed to direct and employ these bubbles back into circulation.

Written by Levi Philos */2; This item was prepared with some help from the webpage insultmonger.com (site no longer exists) CopyLeft Document. Please feel free to copy and post this item anywhere you want to. Take my name off as I do not care to catch any more spam than I do now.

*/1 Named after early 1900s economic philosopher Silvio Gesell who noticed that money was a symbol system for exchanging real stuff by proxy and it would work better if it symbolically displayed the same or greater entropy that real stuff displayed. Unfortunately, Gesell went on to write a book of 450 pages duration as was the common practice of the era, and nobody ever read it because big books were only meant for display in fancy home libraries.

*/2 Levi Philos, infamous compatriot of Ferdinand Feeghoot.

*/3 Conveniently forgetting magical Linton gas, where the bubbles once inflated neither inflate further nor deflate. However, the bubble inflation crew themselves deflate, become flaccid, and finally lie down on the job.
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