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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Thomas Greco - Your Money Power: "The vast majority of people remain unaware of it, but the fact is, we have in our own hands, right now, the power to create or completely transcend money. As Iíve been preaching for many years, money is nothing more than credit, i.e., the willingness to trust that the value we provide as sellers of goods and services will be reciprocated when we become buyers. But, as we are now becoming so painfully aware, our trust in conventional political currencies and banks has been misplaced; we have been betrayed. Itís not only a matter of fraud and malfeasance, bad as that is, rather, the entire system was designed from the very start to enable the few to exploit the many..."

[link to lucas2012infos.wordpress.com]

Further down in that piece Greco writes: "It is our own credit that we entrust to the bankers, then beg them to lend it back to us, and pay interest for the privilege." This is what I have been writing; that Roosevelt implemented the fifth plank of the communist manifesto that says the credit of the people is the property of the state. The next step in this theft was to license the banks to loan the people's credit back to the people.

There has been no off-setting account, no administrative practice, nor any writing of law that acknowledges the fact that the credit entries made in the banks is actually based upon the people's credit.
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