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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Conspiracy theory roadmap:

[link to realcurrencies.files.wordpress.com]

Brief extractions from this page:

[link to realcurrencies.wordpress.com]


The Illuminati Jewish bankers who were promoting Communism and had organized the Bolshevik Revolution were aware that many observers were beginning to connect the dots and to notice the importance of the Jewish involvement in Communism. Thus, in order to deflect criticism, they sought to show that there were Jews against Communism.


It was Miller who introduced Luhnow to Austrian economist Friedrich von Hayek and convinced him to bring Hayek to Chicago. Miller went on to oversee the activities of the Volker Fund and attended the first Mont Pelerin Society meeting. In fact, both the Volker Fund and the Rockefeller Foundation supported the Mont Pelerin gatherings for over a decade.

Miller and Luhnow pulled out all the stops in bringing Milton Friedman and Hayek to Rockefeller-controlled University of Chicago. As pointed out by scholars Philip Mirowski and Robert Van Horn, “Luhnow and the Volker officers were not mere accessories to the rise of the Chicago school: they were hands-on players, determined and persistent in making every dollar count.”


As we have shown in previous articles, the Illuminati elites did not merely provide financial support for both sides of the dialectic. Indeed, the Jesuits a.k.a Illuminati formulated the ideological content that led to the modern versions of both Libertarianism and Communism. Moreover, both movements were corrupted by Satanic influences.
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