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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Some aspects of governance must remain because money is a social creation and social customs must be agreed upon and set to a paper record. The present model is corrupt in the extreme with banksters and governsters in an extortive and collusion model with the general populace the victims.

Previously I have written that centralized money and centralized government form a symbiotic pair - neither can exist without the other. That the answer to returning (some) power to the people is to decentralize the money creation process and put it into localized control.

Some conclusions - a newer comprehension - with some rules:

Money exists as a symbol system for rationalizing the exchange of real things by means of proxy instruments and by means of contracts. It is a special extension of language that is primarily a communication. Within a communication theory of money many things can serve in the token and contract function. What is of primary importance in a communication theory of money is that the communications are made in truth.

To maintain truth in monetary communications the banker must have a clearly defined agency relationship to the people whereas:

* Reputation records (the credibility index) is kept on people (what? politicians also?),
* Where the reputation is poor, a performance bond must be posted as a partial collateralization of the contracts,
* Precious metals are given formal recognition as savings, and,
* These "savings" are presented and held in escrow as the performance bonds and,
* The Mandrake Mechanism is formalized and taught as a valid way to create money where,
* The people own the money system is a socialistic fashion with an open books policy and rebates after costs are made to the people and,
* The "value" of the money is dominated in human time and the number of units of time is stabilized in proportion to population demographics - quantity is important and,
* Everybody pays for using the system, but the hypothecation of the promissory notes carries zero interest - only a monthly service charge that is minimal and,
* All users rebate a sales tax like demurrage fee on circulating media plus a monthly fee on accounts of record.

These are my opinions and conclusions made after much study and reflection.
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