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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Token Coinage, Metallurgy, and Measurements of Various Nations

Sizes and weights in Metric system. This information is not complete...

Minimum weight appears to be about 2 grams and few are over 20 grams

Minimum diameter appears to be about 15 mm and max about 30 mm; Thickness varies from 1.5 mm to about 3.0 mm

Coinage metallurgy uses an entire range of metals from plated steel to brass-like alloys of copper plus aluminum with various hardeners that add shine or gloss.

In no particular order:

New Zealand: [link to www.rbnz.govt.nz]
Canada: [link to www.coinscan.com]
UK copper and copper alloy token manuf: [link to www.copperinfo.co.uk] (Nordic gold - really?)
US coinage at the bottom of this page: [link to www.coinable.com]
Italian Euro: [link to www.attilacoins.com]
Euro coinage: [link to www.fleur-de-coin.com]
and: [link to www.24carat.co.uk]

Old Chinese coinage often included lead from 15% up to 22% with some deviations... there is a word doc.
These coinages were usually about 65 -70% copper plus tin about 8 - 11%

Other notes include that many people have allergies to nickel, and manganese is somewhat toxic.
Copper and silver display bacteriostatic properties.
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