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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Did JP Morgan Sink the Titanic?

The White Star line was indirectly owned by JP Morgan;

A search of conspiracy forums will reveal that this topic has been explored for years.

[link to duckduckgo.com (secure)]

Did the Rockefellers have the Titanic built to sink the opposition to the Federal Reserve and fund WW1?

(another search question where you will discover another conspiracy under discussion)

Was the ship that sank not the Titanic, but actually the sister ship the Olympic?

The Olympic had been involved in several accidents where no insurance payments were made and the ship was deemed beyond repair. Perhaps a decision was made behind the scenes to deliberately put the Olympic (renamed the Titanic) into a collision path with an iceberg. The video tells that a nearly empty ship was stopped about 18 miles away and speculates that this was intended to minimize loss of life. Critical crew members were aware of the details, but SNAFUs ruled.

[link to www.youtube.com] (nearly one hour)
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