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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The material quoted below was posted to the Canada issues silver coinage thread. (Just click on the link)

Frederick Raphael Burch wrote the book where this appeared - published in 1922. It is available as an image file that can be read online here: [link to babel.hathitrust.org]

and also here: [link to www.archive.org]

This is the preface to the book. The whole thing is 129 pages.

The Perversion of Money

THE ERRONEOUS conception of the proper
status and true function of money has led to
its perversion, the evil result of which is so
clearly evidenced by our present banking system.
In this volume I undertake to prove the following

1st. Money is not a commodity. This being

2nd. Money is no part of wealth. Hence:

3rd. Money can never become capital. Not
being capital:

4th. Money has no earning power. And it

5th. Interest, or profit, on money is unearned.

6th. Gold and silver, in common with lead and
zinc, are commodities.

7th. Money is something entirely different.

It has no more natural connection with gold and silver
than it has with lead and zinc.
We must not confuse
money with the commodity which may be chosen as its
tangible vehicle.

8th. Money is the medium of exchange and the
measure of value ; a convenient and exact method
of book-keeping
; and only as such does it properly

9th. Money is brought into existence by law.

10th. A commodity cannot be created by law.
All that a law can do is to function as a law.

11th. No individual, nor body of individuals,
should be permitted to own or control a function of
law and charge others a tax for its use.

12th. The government is the true depositary
of the law and the proper executive of its functions.

13th. These powers are usurped by the bankers
and money-lenders, and the evil results of this usurpation
are colossal ; they will disrupt and destroy
civilization unless a remedy be applied.

14th. The remedy.

- Frederick Raphael Burch
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