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Message Subject Get rid of the money system, then get rid of goverrments
Poster Handle gembouncer
Post Content
Damn is there any creature more stupid than an "economist"? I fucking hate them and they deserve NO PAY WHATSOEVER.

Economists, do not WORK, they are parasites, like stock markets and the Federal Reserve Bank --ALL EXIST ON THE PEOPLE'S DIME.

The millionaire and G00gle shitbag corporate person BOTH AVOID THE TAX --FUCKIN DERP YOU PEOPLE DESERVE WHAT YOU GET

Man I keep waiting for this thread to take flight as I have put so many peanuts of truth in it ...but no, just more tard links to economists who have shitall for workable ideas and who know nothing of conspiracy.


Now they have the "trillion dollar coin", which as I have explained, is just them laughing at you, by admitting that all paper reserve notes (you have them in your wallet called 'dollars') and Treasury instruments are simply debt tender instruments and are not money! ONLY COINS, SPECIE, IS MONEY. That is why they can laugh, because they know this.

Sure it would be great to cut off all the banks and these questions like 'what is real money' and 'why can't the treasury print debt notes themselves, why do they need an offshore non American bank, the (non)Federal (no)Reserve (empty)Bank to do it?' are fun questions to ask.

But in the end, it will be said of Americans "Their fathers told them to obey the 16th Amendment and they paid their taxes even while they tried to arm themselves against the very government their taxes were empowering, and which government wanted them to die." That is the unavoidable tombstone, as we cancel our world debt, using the COTUS as an escape hatch on billions of debt, without having learned a god damned thing and inviting the whole world to exact revenge. All as planned, debauch, then reveal. Where is Timmy Geitner's summer home, is it on the BushCo plantation in South America? Running away with Greenspan and John Galt to their valley of smart people? Haha, I don't think so.

Lights out in 3... 2...
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