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Message Subject Why was Tupac killed?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You fools....

Tupac thought the concept of the "illuminati" was bullshit, although it really isn't.

There is an interview, you can find it on youtube, might even be the one that someone posted in this thread already, where Tupac explains "killuminati." He said that dudes in jail would tell him about the illuminati and he thought it was a bunch of bullshit basically meant to "keep the black man down" therefore he was going to "kill that shit." Hence, "killuminati."

I'm sorry if you want to believe that the illuminati killed Tupac, which could be true, but most likely isn't. Tupac beat the shit out of a gangster named Orlando Anderson that night in Las Vegas, and it was Anderson and his thug friends who found Tupac after the altercation and shot him to death. Orlando Anderson was then found dead in the Compton area 2 weeks later, most likely a retaliation hit ordered by Suge Knight.

Tupac didn't know shit. He thought the illuminati was a joke and fake, he said of the people in jail who tried to tell him about it "How would they know? Who told them?" It's in that interview... he might have been a bright artist but he really had no clue about what is going on in this world... just another victim of black-on-black crime I'm afraid....
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