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Message Subject Why was Tupac killed?
Poster Handle Ninja
Post Content
Gangs is what killed him

Na that's not the only reason there is always a white corrupt pig behind such acts always!

No it was gangs, mongoloid

How odd i speak the work white corrupt pig and someone shows up to the rescue for those pigs.

Fucking neantherthal ape everybody knows his death was suspicious to say the least.


I think you might be confused.

An LAPD cop named David Mack was involved in the killing of Biggie Smalls, but as far as anyone knows there were no cops involved in the killing of Tupac.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 877495

So you think if the nwo decides to kill a nigga they can't use another nigga for the job??????

How incredibely naive.

I mean "killuminati" how more obvious can it be????

It is obvious just by listening to his lyrics that he has a mind of his own and percieved as a threat so they used one his rivals to do the job.

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