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Message Subject NWO Plans To Depopulate The Earth
Poster Handle BlueDolphin
Post Content
"If they´d want to, they´d have done it already´... errr, do you think these things happen OVERNIGHT? "They" have been steadily chipping away at us for sometime now. What do you think this IRAQ WAR is if not some great de-population effort? There are many THOUSANDS of deaths of both native Iraqis and non-Natives, that are NOT being reported. The use of the highly radioactive DEPLETED URANIUM weaponry is EATING the DNA codes of all those exposed. Causing cnacers, diseases and INFERTILITY. Effectively stopping FUTURE POPULATION. Because of the hundreds of tonnes of Depleted Uranium exploded during the 1st Gulf War, the women in Southern Iraq give birth to such massively deformed babies, many of them are euthanized at birth, the ones who survive barely LOOK HUMAN.... That stops future generations of those bloodlines right in their tracks wouldn´t you say? 67% of the troops from the first war came back with strange new illnesses and ALSO produced Offspring with major major birth defects. We have yet to see what monstrous repercussions will result from the current horror happening there.. Another feather in the hat of genocide: Vaccines that cure nothing but who´s real purpose is the introduction of disease into the person... The list of crimes against humanity goes on and on, time constraints do not permit the retelling at this moment. Just open your eyes and look around, the signs of their "culling the herd" are going on EVERYWHERE> Hold Life sacred and don´t be sucked into the vortex of destruction.Idol1rocketfighter1
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