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Message Subject NWO Plans To Depopulate The Earth
Poster Handle Interdimensional warrior
Post Content
As Ive said repeatedly when reading threads like this, I believe the human population is out of control and needs to be reduced.

HOWEVER, there are civilized ways of doing it without killing anyone.

For one thing, if couples were limited to 2 children (a reasonable number) , an immeadiate, natural decline in the population would occur.

Fertile women have no need to act like dogs and give birth to large litters in places where resources are scant.

They should be sterilized after two children.

It is my opinion if these steps are not taken in the very near future natural processes will elliminate billions any way.

One of the main problems humans face and cause is waste of resources, which should be outlawed and punished by witholding the resources from the offender.

No man or woman or child should be allowed to consume more resources than is neccesary, and no man or woman or child should be deprived of resources neccesary for survival so others can have more than they need. This is basic logic. It is said life is not fair in this way and we "juts have to get used to it".

That is because who is in control of it.

I want population reduction to begin with the planets biggest offenders, the parasitic , wasteful and arrogant elite who think they are more valuable than others.

If you want proactive popultion reduction, consider the validity of the statement that WE START SHOULD START WITH THE PARASISTIC ELITE CLASS that are causing most of the problems intentionally.
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