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Message Subject NWO Plans To Depopulate The Earth
Poster Handle Kami Lion
Post Content
Negative impact on profits? You´re kidding yourself right?

Haven´t you noticed they have spent the past 30 years transferrig all the worlds wealth to the people who perched to take over?

Never fear though, their plans will not work.

I said it earlier and will now say it again, though I do not really want to.

The places they have prepared to hide in, their underground cities, bases, and bunkers are going to be their tombs. They "think" they can all escape the destruction comming onto the earth but they fail to realize that God knows their hearts and that they are the reason the earth is trying to rid its self of mankind. God will burry them in their escape holes. Their bunkers are not hardened to the things that will soon befall this planet. They will either be burried alive or drowned in their "hardened" bunkers.

This planet is heavey under the weight of the sins of greed and mass murder. It will very shortly start its own revolution against mankind. Mankind will lose the battle and the war.
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