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Message Subject NWO Plans To Depopulate The Earth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
SSSSSerpent..not only are you an idiot..you are an oozing asshole .
And as far as blacks having more kids..
idiot..the UNEDUCTED..HOMELESS..AND DRUG ADDICTED BLACKS are the ones you must be referring to...and anyway..YOUR point lacks SCALE as reference since your are choosing to ignore the LATIN AMERICAN factor in the HUMAN BABY FACTORY DEPARTMENT..THEY(the LATIN AMERICANS) Are BURING YOU ALIVE with THIER BABIES...I am sure this trend will slow down when the states begin to cut off automatic baby funding.

I enjoy latin peoples overall demeanor...btw..not slamming them..I am slamming thier innocent ignorance of the "society" thay are filing into..and also..FUCK the government..fuck the gov for this....totally.
The mexican influx will soon figure out that itīs THIER KIDS that are important to the GOV and NOT thier uncanny ability to build walls for the gov.

The new slave race..the PERFECT new slave race.

I wonder how many mexicans are coughing from "the flu"?

All hail the homo..btw..for not producing kids for the NWO slave factory.
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