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Celestial Weather & Influences

Anonymous Coward
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03/20/2012 04:25 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
ELECTRON STORM: The number of energetic electrons in Earth's outer radiation belt is significantly elevated. According to analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, the enhancement is caused by the aftermath of recent geomagnetic storms mixed with a high-speed solar wind stream. "Spacecraft at GEO, MEO and other orbits passing through or in the vicinity of the Earth's outer radiation belt can be impacted," they say.
[link to www.spaceweather.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 12631983
03/20/2012 04:39 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
GRB Detection Date: 12/03/20 11:56:15.60 UT
GRB Notice Date: Tue 20 Mar 12 11:58:17 UT
Center of Error Pattern RA: 212.538d {+14h 10m 09s} (J2000), Dec: +8.685d {+08d 41' 06"} (J2000),
Error Pattern Size (diameter arc min): 6 min
Distance to Sun: 146.53
Distance to Moon: 123.56
Type of Notice (see web page for details): Swift-BAT GRB Position
Comments from GCN: SWIFT-BAT GRB Coordinates. This Notice was delayed by more than 60 sec past the end of the trigger integration interval; probably due to it occurring during a Malindi downlink session. This is a rate trigger. A point_source was found. This does not match any source in the on-board catalog. This does not match any source in the ground catalog. This is a GRB. This trigger occurred at longitude,latitude = 232.47,18.71 [deg].
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 12631983
03/20/2012 04:45 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
Live seismic sever is down never seem it down before -Service unavailable!
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 12631983
03/20/2012 05:07 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
New Earth Rising
Monday 19th March : As we approach the first Equinox of 2012, the energies on Planet Earth are becoming very active and intense and a little unstable. Many people hve noticed this, especially in the wake of a series of Solar Flares that have brought new information and new Light Codes for Evolutiuon into our Planetary and Personal Light Body Fields. But, at this time, there is more going on than simply Solar Flare activity. The Earth is preparing herself for the alignments and passages of 2012, we are being brought "up to speed" in a very literal way.
Firstly, the Solar Flare activity brought through the new Light Codes that would begin anchoring in the 8th and 9th Dimensions of Consciousness and begin the structuring of the Earth Keeper Councils. This information is received by the Pineal Gland and then the Pituitary Glands in the Body. Both of these glands are in "hyper" mode right now. This can be compared to a major "download" or "upgrade" in a computer, where the new information requires extensive repatterning and rebooting. Our cells are receiving new instructions and out neural networks receiving new patterns. We need some "down time" to reboot. I personally spent the week-end in bed just allowing the process. The most likely symptoms of this process are dizziness, as the Pineal is activate to the maximum, inability to sleep also due to Pineal activation, and mood swings and depression, this related to pressure on the emotions and hormonal system via the Pituitary gland.

This energy is being felt by everyone on the Planet in some way, whether conscious or not. And, as if that were not enough, there is another process happening right now. Archangel Michael informs us that the Earth is raising her "base frequency" right now, which means that on the holographic level the frequency rate is rising and everything is accelerating. This is to facilitate the Earth's passage through the 2012 Portal at the end of the year. You can imagine it like the Earth lining up to pass through the eye of a needle, the aim has to be just right and the speed just right, so that we all make it through.

What this means on the physcial level is that the lower chakras, the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus, are all accelerasting their spin. Which in turn means that any old "stuff" still lurking there is being spun off and there is pressure on these chakras. This in turn means that you may feel pain and stress in your body as the body gets used to the increased frequency. The good part of this, of course, is that the higher frequencies will support the manifestation of the New Earth in the physical plane at the same time that the old stuff is getting spun out of the cycle. We can expect more of the old to fall apart and more of the "new" to start to manifest.

You may feel, a bit like I have, that you are being spun out of the cycle yourself, but hold in there, it is just a time of change, transition and acceleration, like changing gear as you head out onto the open road!

I would also like to say that it is our beautiful children who are assisting us with this change....there are so many beautiful Crystal Starchildren now who have been born in the last ten years and who are "wired" for this acceleration. In fact, they are leading it, and that is why so many children are having a difficult time physically right now.

And another point is that as we accept this acceleration and seek to bring it into balance within ourselves, we are assisting the planet in not having to experience a "disaster" to release this energy. Remember this time last year, with Japan and the tsunami? This year, let's hope we can work to balance this energy together with the Elementals and the Dragons so that the Earth can stay in balance.

So, to everyone reading this, hang in there for the next few days and stay balanced. Rest when you need to, look after your physical being, and know that this will pass in a few days! This is our privilege, to carry the energy as Earth Keepers and assist our beautiful Planet in her Journey of Ascension.

User ID: 3221212
United States
03/21/2012 08:11 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
Hey Dances this will be my last post here on GLP

I will keep lurking and always reading your very important post n updates.

I promise to continue to get in touch with you via email

You have mine so please free to send me a Hello whenever

This place is full of eyes...

I am not home -- I told you I be by the beach ..
will be home by Sunday

Luv ya,

aka 318Now
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 13010860
03/23/2012 07:08 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
See ya HarmonyH - today I dont see the point in this thread, so I'll just dance away to.


User ID: 62084
United States
03/27/2012 08:53 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
Did someone say dance?


And is that Bette Midler I hear warming up?


Well, do ya?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 13362485
03/28/2012 02:28 AM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
User ID: 13407628
03/28/2012 05:50 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
AAVSO Special Notice #273

Possible Nova in Ophiuchus = PNV J17260708-2551454
March 28, 2012

AAVSO Special Notice #273
28 March 2012

AAVSO Special Notice #272

Possible Nova in Centaurus = PNV J13410800-5815470
March 28, 2012

AAVSO Special Notice #270
Possible Recurrent Nova in the LMC = TCP J04550000-7027150
March 27, 2012

AAVSO Special Notice #269
SUPERNOVA 2012aw IN M95 (NGC 3351) = PSN J10435372+1140177
March 24, 2012

GRB Detection Date: 12/03/27 02:55:16.63 UT
GRB Notice Date: Tue 27 Mar 12 03:06:10 UT
Center of Error Pattern RA: 246.828d {+16h 27m 19s} (J2000), Dec: -29.415d {-29d 24' 54"} (J2000),
Error Pattern Size (diameter arc min): 6 min
Distance to Sun: 116.66
Distance to Moon: 164.74
Type of Notice (see web page for details): Swift-BAT GRB Position
Comments from GCN: SWIFT-BAT GRB Coordinates. This Notice was delayed by more than 60 sec past the end of the trigger integration interval; probably due to it occurring during a Malindi downlink session. This is a rate trigger. A point_source was found. This does not match any source in the on-board catalog. This does not match any source in the ground catalog. This is a GRB. This trigger occurred at longitude,latitude = 11.89,3.73 [deg].

GRB Detection Date: 12/03/26 01:20:29.28 UT
GRB Notice Date: Mon 26 Mar 12 01:20:49 UT
Center of Error Pattern RA: 273.925d {+18h 15m 42s} (J2000), Dec: +69.278d {+69d 16' 41"} (J2000),
Error Pattern Size (diameter arc min): 6 min
Distance to Sun: 88.35
Distance to Moon: 85.15
Type of Notice (see web page for details): Swift-BAT GRB Position
Comments from GCN: SWIFT-BAT GRB Coordinates. This is a rate trigger. A point_source was found. This does not match any source in the on-board catalog. This does not match any source in the ground catalog. This is a GRB. This trigger occurred at longitude,latitude = 74.21,-7.93 [deg].
User ID: 13407628
03/29/2012 12:53 AM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
This video sheds light into the nature of love, relationships, the "New Age" movement, reality-creation, quantum physics, objectivity vs. subjectivity and how it all relates to the topics of "conspiracy theories", psychopathy, and the importance of esoteric self-work

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 13469302
03/29/2012 04:51 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 13469302
03/29/2012 06:04 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 13469302
03/29/2012 06:05 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 10954832
United States
04/04/2012 01:18 AM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
Dont forget to dance

Thread: Time Wave Zero...What do you think???(Updated with time slip event info)

Thread: As of today, 4/3/2012, Timewave Zero begins the downward spiral to the end of time (Page 3)
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 13912891
04/06/2012 09:43 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
Here’s the line-up for this segment of the journey:

April 6 – Full Moon in Libra/Aries (supermoon) – Festival of the Christ

April 20/21 – Taurus New Moon

May 1-5 – Beltane/Samhain cross-quarter gateway

May 5/6 – Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus – Festival of the Buddha/Wesak (supermoon)

May 20 – Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse (annular)

May 30 – Venus enters the Underworld

June 4 – Full Moon Lunar Ecipse (partial) in Sagittarius/Gemini (supermoon + mutable grand cross) – Festival of Humanity

June 5/6 – Transit of Venus

June 12/13 – Venus heliacal rise in Gemini

June 16-18 – Pre-dawn alignment of Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Sun and Aldebaran

June 19 – Gemini New Moon

June 20/21 – Cancer Solstice

June 23/24 – Uranus square Pluto (first of seven exact from 2012-2015)

How This Feels

While the global drama of the major transits plays out publicly and involves many lives, the individual experience varies. How specific transits and alignments relate to your natal chart tells us which areas of your life will be most affected in coming months and years.

Some common experiences I’ve been hearing about from people around the world include:

•Sudden and sometimes unexpected changes in jobs, housing, family and relationships
•Major career and financial shifts, including unforeseen new opportunities
•Depression, grief and anxiety
•Feelings of isolation, helplessness, chaos
•An undeniable sense that change is coming, but uncertainty about the details or how to move forward
•Deeply spiritual phenomena, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, startling visions and precognitive dreams
[link to heyallie.com]

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 10954832
United States
04/06/2012 09:51 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 13912891
04/06/2012 11:16 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10954832

Thank YOU hf

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 13962328
04/07/2012 06:35 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
An Old Soul’s Guide to Spirit Helpers in the New Time
DL Zeta

We have much help here on Earth. Legions of guides, light beings and
angel helpers inhabit the multi-dimensional realm of the unseen. Because
they exist beyond the physical, they are able to guide us through times
of spiritual transformation and to assist when our soul ventures into
other realms. Much has been said of our otherworldly guides and we will
not expand on that here for there is another type of helper that we wish
to speak about.

Spirit Helpers as Aspects of our own Consciousness

For our purposes here we will draw a distinction between our
otherworldly guides and those that are advanced facets of our own
consciousness. In the course of our journey here, we are many – made up
of many facets that sparkle and reflect light in various degrees and
forms. Some aspects of our consciousness awaken and come online to enter
a mastery phase quicker than others. Recognizing other aspects still in
need of guidance and assistance, these spirit helpers set about guiding
us through our needed understandings.

Spirit Helpers Accelerate Ascension

When one of our aspects awakens, the course of our ascension is
accelerated and the path cleared for other parts of our consciousness to
enter the awakening phase.

These spirit helpers are anchored to the physical through our own being
yet they largely exist in other timeframe dimensions. These aspects
serve the purpose of bridging us into greater communion with our soul
and higher self. As a bridging entity, they exist in both realms and are
accessible to us as we go about our daily lives.

Old Souls are Here to Anchor the New Time

Old souls especially have numerous spirit helpers. These souls are
incarnated at this time to help bridge humanity into the new time. To
assist with this transition, they arrived here with a full complement of
spirit helpers that help bridge them to their higher self. As above, so

Our wise and knowing spirit helpers have understandings that are
relevant to the world we currently inhabit by virtue of resonance and
spiritual lessons. Some of these aspects are incarnated into other
timeframes, while others are younger aspects from our current lifetime.
Some are from our future both from within this lifetime and beyond.

Spirit Helpers bring Glimpses of other Timelines

It is easy to tell when our spirit helpers are speaking to us. These are
times when we glimpse ourselves moving along an alternate timeline. The
timelines revealed to us are realities compatible with our soul contract
for this lifetime.

Spirit helpers also guide us to encounters or events that change the
course of our life. They sometimes lead us on internet searches that
bring us to a new idea, concept, or person. They drop books off shelves
in our vicinity or bring us to notice symbols in our daily experience
that hold special importance for us. Spirit helpers bring us into fields
of resonance needed for specific types of healing. Some helpers teach us
to use our light to facilitate healing for ourselves at all levels. They
also direct us to knowledge and insight that assists us in healing our
sacred wound.

Spirit Helpers Assist us with Artistic Creations

Our spirit helpers assist us with creative endeavors. This is their
favorite venue – helping us to awaken latent and as yet undiscovered
talents and abilities. Sometimes they show us how to link diverse
abilities to synthesize a new talent. They teach us the words to songs
drawn from the deep well of our soul. They teach us to create works of
art encoded with our soul’s signature, and to create poetry and other
writing we gift to the world. Sometimes they help us access “downloads”
so profound it feels we are taking dictation from our soul. Spirit
helpers teach us to shine our light on the path ahead so we can
consciously choose the shape and course of our destiny.

Spirit Helpers Orient us to Dreamscapes of our Future

Our spirit helpers orient us in our sleep states to dreamscapes where we
begin to inhabit the world that is the future of our own lifetime as
well as future lifetimes. Some have begun to dream of seemingly idyllic
settings that feel very different from past or present times. In these
dream worlds, the realities we have known no longer exist and a new time
has begun. One hallmark of this time is the instant manifestation of our
thoughts, feelings and desires into physical form. Our dreams are a
testing ground where we can learn to work with the instant realization
of our intentions in a protected space before experiencing their rapid
materialization into physical reality.

Without realizing it, we sometimes meet our spirit helpers in dream
states. At times we may have the experience of blending with them and
seeing the dream through their eyes. When we meet our spirit helpers in
a dream state, we feel a sense of deep and profound love. Years of
trauma and suffering can melt away during these encounters. A dream
meeting with a spirit helper can be a precurser to meeting an incarnated
being with whom we hold a powerful soul contract.

Telepathy with Spirit Helpers in Sleeping and Waking Dream States
Our spirit helpers are always with us, just as we are always with them –
working with them in dream states at first until we sufficiently awaken
to telepathically commune with them in conscious waking dream states and
times of deep meditation. Our helpers are always speaking to us. They
are always ready to play a greater role in our own lives if ask them to.
When we reach a certain state of consciousness, our spirit helpers come
more fully into play, speaking with us and offering the gift of their
wisdom and guidance within each moment.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity
Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta
[link to www.celestialvision.org]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 13962328
04/08/2012 12:47 AM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
Celestial Weather Bulletin for April 8, 2012


In an action-packed Spring, this is an action-packed week, but after this week energy levels lower back down to more “normal” states. This means we are less stressed, of course, but also less pressured to make decisions or react to changing conditions. But much can be accomplished with this week’s super-fuel: gathering information, and adjusting to conditions and surroundings on Monday and Tuesday, and then making some strategic decisions on Friday and Saturday.

An unusual pattern called a Grand Cross is formed on the afternoon and evening of Monday April 9th, when the Sagittarius Moon moves from a right angle with Neptune to a right angle with Mars and finally passes opposite Venus. This high tension pattern pulls us in 4 different directions symbolized by the two pairs of opposing planets that are also at right angles with each other. The planets included are: the Moon in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, Venus in Gemini, and Mars in Virgo.

Pluto goes retrograde on April 10th, beginning his annual 4 month retro period, and 3 days later Mars resumes normal motion. The energy of planets making changes of apparent motion (i.e. viewed from Earth) is elevated for a few days around the day of change. Pluto and Mars are both changers of the status quo. Mars is the more obvious aggressor and Pluto the more profound. Energy for destruction/creation will be high during this time from April 10 through April 13. Think of “The “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and a little magic getting out of hand. The impulse to tear it up and start all over, with Pluto and Mars both “standing still”, can pressure those touched by these planets’ positions. Deciding when it’s a good idea and when it’s just frustration or obsessive perfectionism can be tricky.

Speaking of magic, Mars slows to resume normal motion on April 13th nearly opposite Neptune – a pattern that’s already been charged twice by the Moon: on April 3rd by the Virgo Moon and then in the powerful Grand Cross on April 9th. Mars and Neptune, when linked, can be described as the Don Quixote pattern. Mars charges off at the perfection that Neptune shows him shining on the horizon. Or Mars can be paralyzed by the un-attainability of that same perfection. In this way “the perfect can become the enemy of the good” (Voltaire). Knowing when you are good enough becomes difficult with this pair opposed to each other.

Also on April 13, the Sun is moving to oppose Saturn, and the Capricorn Moon makes a right angle to both Sun and Saturn. This sets up another version of the high energy T-square pattern that we lived through last week. Only this time the tension is not about choosing connections or adjustments, it’s about choosing between conflicting actions. We will see that our own needs and goals cannot be achieved in isolation. We must cooperate in a give and take. This is the Aries Sun opposite Saturn in Libra. The Capricorn Moon adds a cautious tone to this see-saw process. We want to do the “right thing” and we’re aware there are some political consequences to our choices whether familial or social.
[link to celestialweather.com]

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 6396142
04/08/2012 06:38 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
Settling Accounts
Sunday, 08 April 2012 00:00
April 2012

By Lisa Renee

Dear Family,

During the course of entering the current Astrological year, which commences around the Equinox on March 21st, we have been host to a variety of explosive energies and important shifts in the planetary body and its relationship to the Solar, Galactic and Universal bodies. The result of that change in the planetary architecture has a great impact on the future of humanity and the ongoing management of various resources, such as “energy” or power sources at many different levels of usage. For those of us paying attention during this Ascension shift, we are remembering how to return to inner balance and to place a priority on personal and inner spiritual development. As we return to inner balance, a result of spiritual initiation and soul embodiment, we are learning to manifest within a parameter of balanced energy exchanges, which is a necessary new skill. This means the inner light manifests its will, through guided energetic containment and clear purpose that harmoniously interacts with others resonance by respecting the life force of all of its creators. (“Harmoniously” is used within these terms to mean, not generating karmic loads, however, harmony may need to be balanced through conflict, as we observe the discordance existing between the “spiritual light” and the “dead light” creating destruction or completions. This is the credo of the “polarity integrator”, whose synthesis of these polarities is the alchemy which creates embodied neutrality.)

This recent planetary shift will (shortly) become a demonstrated support system that impacts how future resources and their energy fields are used to manifest in this physical reality. To create worlds in balanced manifestation, is by placing true value on energy exchanges, by valuing life force, and the original source of that life force, as held within the natural laws of creation. The architecture records all memory as to what energies are sourced from each being, and how all energies are being used, at individual, planetary, and beyond levels. There is no faking this energetic accounting and it is being settled at the end of the cycle, as it is now. This is not a judgment. What it means is that every being must come to terms with their own energy source and draw upon it from within to manifest their will. Since the inner light will not energize shadow manifestations, one must learn to align to their true self in order to manifest.

The power of the ego and its shadow body to manifest physical structures through the superimposition of force on other bodies or hitchhiking on group energies, is crumbling. This is the end of consumptive modeling, which means humanity is in the transition to end parasitic relationships that push ongoing karmic loads onto the backs of others. The “free ride” is coming to an end for the hidden agenda of enslaving others energies through manipulation or vampirism, which creates incredible loads of “dead energy” and phantom spaces.

As we are well aware, the point of external power and how that energy source has been directed (and stolen) has long been the crux of an ancient heated Extraterrestrial dispute, among those shadow selves that intentionally exploit and enslave others on this planet. We are reliving the pinnacle of these disputes now. As a result, the shadow and its energetic imbalances existing in our own lives (and relationships) are being brought blaringly into surface view, as now is the time of Settling Accounts. This shift in the larger field is starting with us, and many of us will undergo these “return to energy balance” corrections, as well as face to transcend the shadow selves, in the months to come.

Desperate Means for Desperate Measures

We all are becoming accountable for our own energies and how we direct them in this physical world, at a level of energetic responsibility that has immediate repercussions. This change has resulted in “desperate means for desperate measures” because the majority of people, and the energies and/or entities controlling them, feel backed into a corner. This creates a lot of desperation in people, and that does not generate good behavior. This also means we have to really discipline ourselves to not feed or reinforce that bad behavior by losing our cool or calm in high pressure situations. If you succumb to feed the bad behavior, and engage with a drama designed for interference, the result at this time is similar to a piranha feeding frenzy. That desperate sensation existing in the external energy field may feel like a wild or feral animal, looking for any vulnerability to pounce and find a way in to extract your light. As one understands the power of the light source and the consciousness that you carry, you become equipped to defend that light, and to direct it (as a divine vessel) to multiply goodness into your life and the lives of others. This prevents the shadow selves from consuming it, thereby energizing its hidden or selfish desires. This is a period where we must find discernment to exercise “tough love” over “idiot compassion”, as many desperate beings will attempt to destroy what you are creating in order to consume it, from their blindness or judgment to the larger overview.

Interdimensional Chess Game

As we are literally thrust with great intensity into this new cycle, it comes with quite the “game change” being made to the playing field. Most people are not quite yet aware of that changing playing field, however, many sense the intensity behind the scenes that “the shoe is gonna drop”. There is an explosiveness and intensity that is electrifying in the collective fields now. Behind the scenes, with multiple agendas operating on this shill is a shill, it is similar to an inter-dimensional chess game. If one allows themselves to be in flow as a neutral witness, and act accordingly when the moment is clear to take action, one may note the incredible orchestration of a smooth, yet, complex and deliberate strategy. This strategy in no way sources from your conscious mind, as it is immediate and spontaneous, never pre-meditated.

It is easier to see the incredible patterns of people playing out their respective roles to complete and contribute some part of the orchestration that is completing this dark cycle on planet earth. As within the Art of War, this deliberate strategy is required to play out each part fully, and yet this at its highest causation, is not a game of human ego. It is a game existing between the most immense and powerful forces imaginable. Yet it is our human being that is the game piece directing these forces on the chess board. As we are held out as the pieces to play the game out on the interdimensional chessboard, that allows for two choices. One may act from the wisdom and clarity to be consecrated as the divine vessel of God Spirit, or be jacked around by the ego domination of its shadow self, to be pushed around the board like a lifeless pawn.

Casting Judgment Destroys

These forces are immense and without an inner spiritual rudder, can throw you to the wall and to your knees with an effortless swipe. Without the ego checked at the door and the superficial masks removed, this is a very difficult time to get entangled and be wound up with the perceived wrongs, injustices and brutal betrayals that are around us at this time. This time has a similar energy as a “witch-hunt”, trolling for something or someone to take the blame for your pain and be the symbol of “wrongdoing”. This time forward will bring many of these life circumstances to the surface, for many it is perceived as a “wrong-doing” from the ego mind of the shadow self. For many people this is an unconscious (or conscious) playing out of lifetimes of unresolved karmic memories. This sense of “injustice” and the need to extract some kind of justice through personal vengeance or self-righteousness, will become increasingly common in the external world. This dark overlay makes people desperate for a sense of meaning in their lives and to feel justice in this world. Some people will believe it is their job to extract justice from others in whatever way their shadow mind and their manipulators tells them is real. Some people will think it is their job to preach for others to repent their sins to some angry god. Others will believe it is their job to correct others life path and attack their efforts or projects. Unfortunately in all cases with dark manipulation, no one wins, even if it is believed to be just, as everyone can get hurt. This is a grave mistake of ego, to condemn through judgment, destroys, rather than saves.

However, as these explosive circumstances rear themselves, conflicts and tensions are designed to bring the clarity required to see the circumstance and the players accurately. This is the positive opportunity hidden within these challenges. What has existed as imbalanced power exchanges, false friends, false priorities and other superficial or hidden motivations are being brought to your personal attention. Where there is something or someone that has access or influence to your life, (your personal energy field), if it is hidden and not declaring itself in transparency, its hidden motive will explode on the scene of your life to make immediate “corrections”. Bang! Now that’s divine protection! You see the weakness of interference, and are able to make corrections to secure your field immediately.

The Law of Concentric Circles

Imagine you can see rings of energy spheres surrounding your core consciousness that exist within many layers of concentric circles, all fitting easily and moving in fluid harmony within each other. As you become aware of your energy body, you start to realize that these concentric circles are liquid light rippling outward from your core, and that is your inner life force, comprising your spiritual light bodies and consciousness. This is your energy reservoir, an intrinsic part of your spiritual being, to create and experience your life stream throughout many lifetimes. Like a serene and placid lake, rippling out circles of light, you note how the colored rings directly travel and easily attract an exchange to a vast One Concentric Circle that flushes pulses of pure liquid light into your heart centers, of which then circuit the pulsing life force throughout your entire being. The sensation is of being fully alive, and is blissful, connected, safe, secure and loving, you know that you are an abundant child of the Universe. You realize God Creator is exchanging with your light body massive amounts of life force nourishment that allow you to continually expand your consciousness and express your highest creation, while dancing with all other creators in harmony. Every cell in your being pulses with the inner will to do so, to create, to love, to express. The inner knowing is aware that there is plenty of life force for everyone that seeks it, as it exists from the inside of your heart, which connects directly to the heart of God Source.

Moving through many life experiences on earth the energy ripples in your field constrict and many energy colors are now missing. As you scan your energy body you see many people lodged in your energy body located in various levels and layers of the concentric circles. You see that some light bodies are even gone, as they were consumed and used by others that thought that they could take your energy body without asking you. From tracking your missing light body you find other people abundant, successful and that they have been using your body as the light source to manifest, rather than accessing the God source from within their own being. You start to not feel well, as the life force has been drained from your personal light body. The drain is so rapid, the vast One Larger Concentric circle, the God Source, has been fully disconnected from your heart and energy body. There is no longer any portion of your light body left in order to exchange or connect with the One God Source. The pain of disconnection is felt, your heart shuts down, and the lack of nourishment and the depletion of creativity become apparent. You are starting to feel lifeless and depressed. From the inner knowing, you realize you have to take action, reclaim your energy bodies again, and evict those beings that had inhabited your light body for their own personal gain or ignorance. You also check yourself to see where you may have taken others energies that did not belong to you, and you ask for forgiveness for its return to the rightful owner. As you reclaim your light bodies and reclaim your energies, those people that were living in your energy field, were happy manifesting their desires, and now they are not. Their reality is falling apart. They cannot manifest anymore what they want. They believe it is your fault and get very angry. Some people will listen when you tell them that they can access the living energy of God from inside themselves, they do not need to take your energy, and they happily change their focus, while others do not. The others do not want to change as it requires they stop manifesting from their lower desires. From this experience you realize you have to take better care of your light bodies and be responsible for all of your energies. This strengthens your energy core as you return to energetic balance. Now, with your returned light, you are able to manifest the highest potential of your spiritual expression in partnership with God Source. Filled with the wisdom these experiences have brought you, happiness and fulfillment are returned in the joyous moment, knowing that you are fully connected and always will be, with the eternal sustenance of the Source Light.

Through the Return to Rightful Owner, the Law of Concentric Circles is that which define the energetic source signature (life force) and return it back to the energetic body or to the “original creator” for its direct use for spiritual expansion, creative expression and manifestation. Conversely, all energy that one has taken from others energetic bodies, (that have not been appropriately exchanged in balance), must be given back. This is the benevolent action being applied in this cycle, that require we learn to self-source our own manifestations. Anything one puts forth into the world, their consciousness and energy signature is present, their unique spiritual inspiration is imbued within it. Whether it is energetic life force or a manifestation of your life’s work, manifest or unmanifest, if it is connected to you or through you, and has been taken or used from imbalance, it is returning. And vice versa. (However, one must learn to behave in accordance to the Law and not continually steal energies that are not theirs to use. In this case penalties and suffering will ensue.) All energetic exchanges must be settled, and in this way, within the Law of Concentric Circles, there are NO DISPUTES. The Universal Laws of Creation are this “just”, there is no mind involved to determine it. It is what it IS, as the Law of Creation, without judgment. The life force is tracked, the energy signature is known, the energy is measured and the Great Universe dispenses its ruling as it Returns to the Rightful Owner. As this cycle accelerates and many people are dismantled from their manifestations, naturally without context, this creates a ball of energetic confusion and chaos in the collective. Practice participating with aligned energetic exchanges (where a personal resonance is present) and giving energetic value to life force, in whatever form the energy takes, when it shows up in present awareness. One will be way ahead of transcending the rampant collective poverty consciousness, by understanding that this change is present in the planetary architecture, which will continue to enforce this change in the laws of manifestation in the future.

Overcoming Self Doubt

By now most of us that have taken the intermediate to advanced pathway in the Ascension, have been flung into the frying pan to “learn as you go”. At this level of experience, we in the light family know they “crucify the Christ” on this planet. Regardless of that fact, we came anyway during the end cycle to change that event and help transition this world by bringing God’s promise of freedom and eternal life to all. This is the hidden light to be revealed inside our own bodies. Before we are capable to be this divine chalice, we must find God existing within our own image and restore energetic balance to our bodies through inner spiritual sustenance. As we face the created shadow and compare its reflection to the eternal light that radiates from inside us, the radiated light consumes the shadow reflection. From this experience, of facing the shadow to find God, we become knowers that there is nothing else in this realm but the radiated light of this eternal truth in Source. No Light can come from the perpetration of evil, while evil can be vanquished by the propagation of Light.

While in this spiritual process of energetic mastery, (of which some of us have no other choice but to participate) we are placed in the throes of extremes. During these end times, extremes are coming at us from every direction, which is similar to learning how to be an energetic “kung fu master”, staying in your core, locking down your field, no matter what. This is the “dark arts” discipline. Know that self-doubt takes you out of your core, and allows weakness to overtake you. Dark entities (shadow) know this very well and will jump on any vulnerability to weaken effectiveness and clarity. There is a progression of learning that is “exacting” in these mastery stages. First stage, you will need to overcome the weakness from believing in yourself, and overcoming any self-doubt by calling upon “Faith”. Without overcoming self-doubt, you will not get to the stage of having strong and immovable “Faith”. As one places all of their consciousness power in faith, faith in yourself, faith in God, faith in the goodness that is present, one will be exploited for weaknesses created by any place of lingering self-doubt. When in Doubt, Apply Faith. One cannot get to the sensory ability (present in the spiritual body) of “direct knowing” through the process of self-doubt. Never will doubt lead to knowing.

As one masters the application of faith to replace self-doubt, as one pays attention to life lessons to strengthen the core and rid the body of shadow, the process of “knowing” begins. Through strong faith overcoming self-doubt, the spiritual body can anchor into the core, to which the experiences of direct cellular knowing occur. As one shifts from learned “faith” to direct “cellular knowing”, there is nothing anyone on the external can say, through harassment, or criticism, to move you away from the core truth living inside of you.

Until one reaches the place inside themselves to experience “direct knowing”, practice applying strong faith. Make an effort to eradicate self- doubt. Look within to the places where you do have knowing and apply all the faith you have there. Faith strengthens, while Doubt weakens.

Gridworker Update

As we entered the new cycle, the week of the March Equinox, this time was very difficult for many people that are sensitive, empaths, or gridworkers. In this year and ongoing, there are anticipated and accelerated frequency shifts creating portal networks specifically in the Four Corners Area of the United States’. This is an area of Hopi Prophecy and Hopi protection, which include both human and Extraterrestrial Guardians working together to protect these areas of the planet from destruction and infiltration. That dedication has been a long, hard and painful existence, for the many that have held the portal open for these times, they are nearing the primary reason they have incarnated here for many eons. During that week many Starseeds, (and Indigos) were called to protect this area from an invasion attack concerning a black hole technology being used to destroy the area, destroy the nature and destroy the portal from communications and spiritual access. When attempts like this are used by the Negative Alien Agenda, they will almost always use patterns of destruction present from other timelines to hijack those fields to be directed “en masse”, into the current time field. This was exactly what happened the week of March 21st, and into March 26th.

That week was the anniversary of the first use of a negative alien technology, which is designed to reverse black holes on the horizontal grid networks, placing huge rips in the time /space fabric. Visually it looks similar to a large circular cone, a “portal vacuum”, where it sucks a massive amount of life force, including plants, animals, and nature elementals, into its “black hole” leading to dead energy or phantom spaces. When it operates it renders the earth landscape, “energetically dead” and barren. For sensitives or beings that can see this happening, the pain is excruciating. The anniversary of that date was March 23rd , it was used to create the same event again to attempt to destroy the Four Corners Network from opening communication portals that allow more benevolent E.T’s, Blue Star Families and other Christed intervention to access this dimension and help the planet at this time. They were not entirely successful, albeit created damage. Many of us in contact with ET’s were contacted during that week (or earlier weeks) by Benevolent’s for various reasons, such as preparation, introduction, contact and support. Others that were not consciously aware of this event, felt a dark, black cloud of despair, either in the planet, near them or around them, and it was very difficult to endure. The depth of the dark cloud of melancholy depression, for most, has lifted by now. However, we now have a tremendous amount of shadow debris and astral gunk to filter out and move away from this active portal network, and other areas, as we work with the benevolent teams in partnership, to clean up this mess. This shadow debris is landing on people and ( without clearing tools) making them act out the negativity of its energy impact.

The Four Corners Area is to be an area of accelerated Extraterrestrial contact, a communication hub and interdimensional port, which will become more prevalent this year and ongoing. Contact is personal at this time due to the extreme fragility of the human mental bodies and explosive dynamics present on earth. However, as mentioned last month, guidelines for positive contact and preparation for those communications, is suggested for Starseeds, that have not been contacted already. Overcoming fear, self-doubt and the tendency to glamourize E.T.’s is critical for successful contact. Some contact will be applied through dream state, telepathy, virtual realities, computer technologies, ufo sighting and some dark arts training is needed to discern and enforce who you allow to communicate with you. Do not accept blindly what anything is telling you, use your 12 D shield, employ boundary testing and appropriate guidelines for establishing rules (on your terms) for contact.

Additionally in the human 3D realm, because of this aggressive feral energy, the patriarchal mind and its energy distortions, as they apply to these structures, are extremely amplified to the point of total chaos and utter insanity. Software programs (mind control) around the archetype of “False King of Tyranny” and “Crown of Thorns” (a type of crucifixion implant in the logos) are both false constructs tied into the legal, financial, religious, and corporate operations, with those male dominates (women also polarized in male tyranny or enslavement) who drive division through war and economies, through the use of force, fear, control, insanity and terrorism – is off the charts.

The pressure is so great to the weakened body and mind, for the unprepared person who has been heavily brainwashed, that insanity and spinning out of control through these software programs are very present. It is very saddening, however staying in observer mode is necessary to not be pulled into the abyss created by those that are floundering, or attacking, without the inner rudder. We are most effective as embodied beacons of light, the Lighthouse, and we must protect our boundaries and know our limits. To our planetary stewards and leaders, it is not effective to let anyone take you out, hijack your mission, or drain your blood. Defend yourself and stay clear of idiot compassion. We are in the crux of the heated conflict and in some cases, it calls for triage measures.

We are in the best of times and worst of times. We sit in the timeline of where every single moment counts, there is no other place in the Universe where we can do what we came here to do, like we have the opportunity to accomplish RIGHT NOW. Remember who you are, and that you came here for this, because you wanted to help, because you valued life. Know we are in this together, and you are never alone.

Stay in the luminosity of your heart and Avatar path. Be gentle with yourself and each other.

Love Always, Lisa
© 2009-2012, Lisa Renee
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
Very good interview the rest of it and others are
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luv u !

Jim Self (Transcript)
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March 26, 2012
Jim Self
The Shift: Fourth Dimension Consciousness
March, 2012
Regina Meredith: It’s been said in many spiritual traditions that the human being is born with an open connection to our soul, with remembrances from our deep past. Over time, however, we lose that direct connection through societal and parental programming and expectations. We slowly begin to conform. Our dreams begin to close down and we no longer remember where we go at night, when the spirit leaves the body to refresh itself, gain knowledge and connect with other souls. Jim Self has had the unique benefit of never shutting down. Every night he goes to his soul’s home place and meets with beings and ascended masters who have shown him now life in the cosmos works, including what this great shift means in very real terms. This is a fascinating story.
Regina Meredith: Jim, thank you for driving all the way up to Sedona to meet us. I think everybody resonates really well in these beautiful red rocks.
Jim Self: Oh, yes. Sedona is a great place to be.
Regina Meredith: It is, indeed. And, you’ve had an interesting path because on one hand you’re a very intelligent, grounded, practical person that started a life in politics at a very young age.
Jim Self: Yes.
Regina Meredith: Pretty amazing.
Jim Self: Yes, it was.
Regina Meredith: City council.
Jim Self: San Jose.
Regina Meredith: San Jose, at 26.
Jim Self: Right.
Regina Meredith: How did anyone trust you to vote you into office at that age?
Jim Self: Well, if you know about San Jose; San Jose used to be the third richest agricultural valley in the world, and then they built houses over it. And when I started playing in the politics side of it, we had triple sessions in schools. And, so, people would buy this wonderful house in this nice orchard and they’d sell the (correction) I mean get into the house, and all of a sudden a new house would be next door and across the street. It was a ridiculous thing. So, it was a very nice transition to be able to move from the old guard, who ran everything, to a whole new grouping of people coming in, and it was a nice fit.
Regina Meredith: Still, there was something that you were exuding that allowed this to happen, and let’s back into that a little bit, because anyone watching you right now, you have an unusual amount of light coming out of your eyes. Granted, you have lights on you, but even when the lights weren’t on you, you have a lot of light coming out of your eyes. So, let’s talk about dreamtime and who you really are.
Jim Self: Well, you know, one of the things that happens when people come into a body, born into a body; you know everything. That soft spot on the top of your head, that’s the connection to the Creator; you’re still connected. And then you begin to listen to Mom and Dad, preacher, minister, teacher, and you say OK, I’m the little one; they’re the big ones and I’m going to do what they say. And, you begin to shut that down. Also, people are very connected. They’re clairvoyant, they’re clairsentient; they’re clairaudient. They have a very full connection to themselves and to the world around them, and then we shut that down to do what the big ones say to do. And, in a way, I never shut that down. And it’s an awkward place because people listening are very sensitive. You know one of the things that happens to the people who don’t shut that down is they begin to be hiders in life. They are very sensitive to the energy and to the feelings and the emotions of other people. And, so, that gets to be very challenging for a lot of people. For me, it didn’t seem to affect me as much. And the path I’m on just allowed me to continue to walk through that. And then things like city council in San Jose, and building corporations and the many other things that I’ve been able to do, they were just learning points along the way to begin to understand this space that I get to play in, now.
Regina Meredith: And that’s really what life is, if we all understood it that way. It’s all just an experiment, a playground, whatever you want to call it.
Jim Self: Very much.
Regina Meredith: So, you’ve always known that. So, you approached each of these things with a type of boldness the average individual might have lost because of all the other voices in their heads that suppress the boldness that we are innately.
Jim Self: Well, I would like to say yes, but I have had my own stuff, you know, in life. Everybody’s got their stuff. And, so, to a great extent see you’re always on your path. That path is something that’s very predetermined by you. Usually, when I say that people jump up and go, “What about free will?” Well, it fits very well. That path that’s you walk; you created it to have all of these experiences in your life. The free will piece is how do you choose to experience your path? And, when you start to recognize that you choose; there’s no victims, you either turn away from your path, or you stay on your path, you begin to look at what you want.
There is always a boldness in it, but sometimes people get knocked down because “you’re not OK,” the world around you says.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Jim Self: And, we believe that to some plus or minus extent. And, so, in my reality I believed it. You know people said, “You’re not OK.”
Regina Meredith: You bought into it, too?
Jim Self: Of course. Everybody buys into it.
Regina Meredith: Yeah.
Jim Self: But, it’s beginning to recognize that you can’t be “not OK.” See, it’s really an impossible thing to be not OK. You, this internal guidance system right here, is always OK. But, what we do is we look at that external world; Mom, Dad, teacher, minister, and they say this is what we know and this is what the truth is, and this is how you do it. And then we follow that path and we continue to look to our external world for our own validation and our truth. And somebody—and that doesn’t work.
Regina Meredith: Mmmm.
Jim Self: And, so, one of two things happens; either you’re very sensitive and you get pushed away, and you say I’m not OK and I don’t fit and I’m not part of that, or you shut it down in many ways and step into it and just boldly go, you know . . .
Regina Meredith: I think that’s a good point you make because I mean even in my own life I’ve been in media since I was a kid, basically, you know my mid-early ‘20s, and I was so shy I would have gnawed off an arm before I would have raised my hand in class. And, I was terrified to do this. I did it on a dare, and yet, if you can push through, like you say, it’s not that the fear might not show itself, but if you can go there anyway, that’s part of that journey of boldness, isn’t it?
Jim Self: Very much so, and there’s a particular piece where people will lose quite often. There’s an aspect of this inner guidance system that you simply know this is my truth.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Jim Self: And many times—and you know when it’s not your truth. And sometimes when you start to play the game of the external world; do money, do fame, do whatever it may be for you, we have a tendency to shut that internal guidance system down. It’s like kind of be quiet; I don’t want to hear this. I’m on my path. I’m having success, or whatever, and we don’t listen to our own truths.
Regina Meredith: Yeah.
Jim Self: What this shift of consciousness is about is this internal guidance system is now becoming the compass that’s driving you.
Regina Meredith:
Jim Self: Sometimes when you start to play the game of the external world; do money, do fame, whatever it may be for you, we have a tendency to shut that internal guidance system down. It’s like kind of be quiet. I don’t want to hear it. I’m on my path; I’m having success or whatever, and we don’t listen to our own truth. What this shift of consciousness is about is this internal guidance system is now becoming the compass that’s driving you.
Regina Meredith: Absolutely, now, I want to backtrack a little bit because we didn’t go into it. You have been able—you’ve had this extraordinary ability that is very rare. When you go into dreamtime, into the other dimensions at night, you actually have recall when you come back. Can you tell us what you’re doing over there and also had that information may have interfaced with putting you on your path, and also making some of the other earthly decisions you’ve made up to what you’re doing now?
Jim Self: I can’t do that. See, one of the things that happens every night, you go home. Everybody goes home every night.
Regina Meredith: Yeah, yeah.
Jim Self: You lay the body down and you say I’m going to sleep. You begin to disconnect the emotional, mental, spiritual body from the physical body and you go home. And, as the process of going home, you pass through a dream space, the astral plane as people describe it, and that’s not home; that’s just a place that you get to also play. But, when you go home, it’s like a fine flute or a single candle burning. It’s so quiet and calm, and it’s in that focused attention point that you remember yourself, you remember everything. And in that space it’s an amazing place; the great beings that we’re attached to or have reference to, the Jesus, the Buddha, the Metatron’s, the Archangel Michael, they’re all there. They all sit at that table. And the other ones that are there are the you’s, you know, the “you and me’s,” we sit at that table, too, fully engaged in that process.
The challenge is when you come back to the body and when you’ve separated there’s the acupuncture points. See, this is very interesting because that’s the docking points between the emotional and mental body, and they are little magnetic vortexes and they start to shut down, and you begin to go home. But, when you come back and you reconnect into that body, this is the point where most people remember their dreams is when you’re coming back into the body.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Jim Self: But, you pass through that astral aspect and that’s not—your dream, that’s not where home is.
Regina Meredith: No.
Jim Self: That’s just another place.
Regina Meredith: Yes.
Jim Self: But, as soon as you reenter that body space, where you left off yesterday you pick right back up. So, it’s like going from that single flute of quietness, that single tone back to the Star Spangled Banner, all the noise of yesterday clicks right back in and people forget.
In my reality part of my path is to remember that space, so I can come back and say, “Look, this is how this works. These are how dimensions work. This is how this pathway or this shift works. So, the question, though, “What do you do when you go there?”, is a very difficult one to answer because the reference points are different, and when you start playing in this fifth, sixth, seventh-dimensional reality, it’s a completely different realm of consciousness. So, the bridging doesn’t happen comfortably in language. And part of my wonderful journey is I have enough awareness of what happens there that I bring into the language and then speak to this shift of consciousness.
Regina Meredith: And, so articulately, as well. And just continuing on that dream theme for a moment, this is very much as I understand it, although I can rarely remember anything from that quiet time. And, I’ve often felt that when you’re passing back through that little astral thing, which is—it’s recognizable. It’s a very close dimension to Earth.
Jim Self: Very much.
Regina Meredith: People that you know and that you might be hooking up with; individual energies or even individuals in astral form, and maybe even bringing back through some understanding of something that you’re balancing within the being via the feelings that are played out in that little drama realm, more human realm.
Jim Self: The astral plain is a very interesting aspect. It is part of the fourth dimension.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Jim Self: It is a place where things happen in a different Time configuration. You know you’ve had dreams where somebody from your past and somebody from your future, they’re in the same dream, and it’s very consistent; you don’t think much about that.
Regina Meredith: Right.
Jim Self: So, but the astral plain is a very fascinating place and it’s going to be a troubling place for many as we go in this shift.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Jim Self: Because one of the things that happens in the astral plain is what you think is what you get, as you think it. But, also, the astral plain is fascinating because depending on the life you live here, if you are a person that has lots of negative thoughts and lots of drama, when you go through into that astral plain something very specific happens. You see, thoughts are electrical and emotions are magnetic. [This is] a very important piece of information. And, so, how you think and then how you bind your thoughts to emotions—I hate that over there! And, you feel that anger and that resentment, or whatever it may be. Or, I love this wonderfully, and it’s airy and it’s fluid. If you’ve ever noticed, thoughts that you think that are heavy, angry, resentful, troubling, worrying, they linger a very long time in your awareness, in many people’s awareness.
Regina Meredith: That’s hell.
Jim Self: You’re very accurate; that’s hell. But, it’s hell in a moment that I’m going to point to. What happens is when you hold those thoughts here and then you pass into your sleep space, those magnetic thoughts of resentment, let’s say, that thought is such that it anchors to all the thoughts ever thought that had that same thought and emotional configuration. So, you just magnetically get pulled to a scripting that is very much like what you think. So, but where it becomes hell is a very accurate statement. And what you do is—in fact, they’ve done a study on people who are in prisons, and one of the common things they say is, “The thing I’m most unhappy about in my life is when I go to sleep. I don’t want to go to sleep.”
Regina Meredith: Hmmm. Yeah, that’s sad.
Jim Self: The reason being is when I hold anger, resentment, murder, rape, incest, and then I go to sleep, guess what I experience. So, what is that astral plain that’s challenging us; the heaviest, ugliest thoughts, thought that have never been manifested by you?
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Jim Self: They sit in that level of the astral plain, the heavier part of the astral plain, and when you go to sleep you begin to magnetically connect into all the other thoughts that others have thought, and that’s a place that you don’t want to be.
Regina Meredith: And that’s not just your thought frequency; it’s everyone who has had similar frequency of thought feeding that field.
Jim Self: Every thought ever thought like that.
Regina Meredith: Yeah, yeah.
Jim Self: When it’s manifested, you bring it into the third dimension and experience it. But, where it has not been manifested, you begin to access that when you go to sleep. The challenge for the shift—we’re a little bit out of context here, but the third dimension, which you can talk about, is going to dissolve. It’s going away. It cannot continue to exist, but the fourth dimension isn’t going to go away. So, when you begin to play in that fourth-dimensional space and you hold those really negative, ugly thoughts, you’re going to begin to experience what you think as you think, and that’ going to be a challenge for some.
See, the flip side of it, though, is when you think about puppy dogs and little children and wonderful things and butterflies and beautiful Sedona’s of the world, those are fleeting thoughts, in a way, because that magnetism is not dense. It’s very fluid. And, so, you have a nice feeling with those thoughts, but you don’t stay focused on them a long time. So, when you begin to have that kind of construct and you go home at night, you pass into that area much more quickly than you do into those places which you don’t identify with, those heavier thoughts.
Regina Meredith: OK, now, you’ve opened up three or four different places we’re going to go, anyway. So, I’m going to let you guide this. Can you talk about—you’ve just about, essentially, the beginning point of what this shift is, right?
Jim Self: Correct.
Regina Meredith: Now, another understanding I have, and we’re going back just a little bit to that dream state interfacing with this fourth-dimensional aspect we pass through coming back from our home at night, is that as these—the third-dimensional frequencies start dissolving, there might be some confusion with individuals as to their time in the dream state versus their physical reality, and some people may already be experiencing this, whether it’s positive or whether it’s heavy.
Jim Self: Well, let’s back into that with some structure.
Regina Meredith: Yeah, yeah.
Jim Self: So, this thing called “dimensions” is a very interesting aspect.
Regina Meredith: Yeah.
Jim Self: So, a dimension—let’s start with this third dimension, which I’m saying is dissolving; it’s going away. Well, the dimension is not the chair we’re sitting in and the house that surrounds us, the tree outside the window. That’s form; that’s physical form. But, what this third dimension is is a very dense reality and it’s very structured; it’s conditional. There’s nothing in the third dimension that’s unconditional. You have to get into the fourth and fifth before you experience unconditional. So, conditional is very rigid. There’s not a lot of flexibility in this third dimension. It deals in things like “always and never.” She’s never going to be trustworthy. He always is going to be this or that. See, there’s no flexibility in that; [it’s] very rigid.
There’s also a component in the third dimension that keeps us very much in the third dimension, and that’s how we understand Time. Time is a very fascinating thing. Time is an application; it’s not a fixed creation. So, in the third dimension, the Time that we play in is called past, present, future, and then you die. But, if your look around and you listen to people speaking, what you hear them talking about is not present time, but this happened to me once upon a time and I hope it never happens to me, again. Or, they said if I would . . ., therefore, I will be. So, when you listen to people, very seldom do you hear them speaking in present time in a third-dimensional reality. There is a slight moment of present time, but it’s called reactionary present time. It’s like oh no! This wasn’t supposed to happen. Are you in present time? Oh, yeah. Are you a happy camper? No. I’m in reaction. That’s more or less the box.
But, what happens is there is no past and there is no future, but there is a past present moment that you’ve experienced, and there will be future present moment that you will experience. But, when people play in the past, a lot of times you’ll say, “How are you?” And, people go, “Oh, I’m fine.” Well, somehow, “I’m Fine,” and “I’m fine,” don’t match up. When you say, “Well, what’s going on?” “Well, my husband died 20 years ago.” “Oh.” “And it’s still sad for me.” Well, they’re sad in the present moment. So, emotions can only occur in the present moment. And an event in your past is a piece of information. So, when you keep reliving your past moment over and over, you get the same thing over and over. And, so, that’s Time related. But, if I said, “Oh, I know your husband died. That’s too bad, but, how was that lunch you had yesterday at that restaurant?” “Oh, it was really great.” Are they in that past moment at that moment? No. They are now very present, and that present time moment is kind of a fourth-dimensional space. We live in both of these at the same time.
So, in the fourth dimension present time is a very big piece. But, what makes present time so important as a Time application is when you’re living in the past or living in the future, you don’t have choice; you have reaction. The moment you get into present time, then you have choice and it’s in that choice you begin to create different structures.
The fourth dimension has a consideration called paradox. And, in simple terms, paradox means what was true just a minute ago may not be true right now. So, in the fourth dimension you get to get out of many of those restricted, non-flexible structures. So, she shows up at your door 20 years later, and you say, “Oh, I remember you. You were the bad one.” But, what they may have done is showed up at your doorstep to say, “I’m so sorry for what I did 20 years ago.” So, if you can have flexibility, you begin to change your reality. That simple piece is what is going to allow everybody to step into this next dimensional structure.
Regina Meredith: And, as you say, this is a choice. We have to make this choice in the moment, right?
Jim Self: Mmmhmm. It’s in the moment. You only have the moment. You have history from your past and you have creative opportunity in your future, but you can only make the future happen in the moment.
Regina Meredith: And, I bring that up because a lot of people think that we’re here; we chose to incarnate into this Time; it’s going to happen to us. But, actually, there is a participation that needs to occur. There are choices that need to occur, and you just spoke to that. And one of the things that’s very disconcerting for a lot of people right now as, again, I want to keep this journey going through these dimensional fields in tact as we move through them in this conversation. But, one of them that is disconcerting in the moment is that people reach for words—all ages; not Alzheimer’s.
Jim Self: Right.
Regina Meredith: And, you talk about this in your book, and when I read you book, I thought oh my God; you pick up something so ordinary; you have it in your head, picture in your head you’re going to go do this. You can’t even articulate the word for that common thing. Can you tell us what’s happening?
Jim Self: Yeah. See, this shift—the universe understands you don’t remember who you are. Let me identify it this way. So, you’re walking along and you’re having a good day and somebody comes along and insults you. And, you first have a thought oh, that doesn’t sound very good. But, you immediately have an emotion and in that emotion you say oh, this isn’t a very good thing. And then you try to figure out what to do with that. You’re not attractive; you don’t fit; you’re not intelligent; you’re never going to amount to anything. You get insulted, and you’ve got this insult and what do I do with it? And, you go to your best friend and you say, “Somebody just said I’m not smart, and they go, “They were right.” Now what do you do with it because you have no place to dump it off? So, what we do is we simply say I can’t handle this anymore, so I’m going to put it over here in this little box called denial. And then you keep looking at it and it keeps coming back into your head. So, you make a deal with it; you say if I put you back here in this place called unconsciousness, I’ll make a deal with you; I’ll never go visit that spot, again, if you don’t jump out and bite me in the butt.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Jim Self: Does that make sense.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Jim Self: Now, what happens is we have collected a whole lot of “who we are not.” See, going back to what I said in the beginning; you can’t be not OK, but you can accept other people’s gifts of, “You’re not OK,” and what we have a tendency to do is we wear those coats and we simply walk around defining ourselves by I’m not OK, but you can’t be not OK.
So, as this shift unfolds, why you are losing your memory is the universe knows that you don’t remember where you stored all those “I’m not OK’s.” And in this journey you can’t take your baggage with you. From this third dimension, moving to this fifth-dimensional space, you can’t be not OK in the fifth dimension. So, you and the universe are clearing away a lot of those patterns that you hold onto that simply say I’m not OK.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Jim Self: And, so, this transformation we’re in, you are losing your memory, and the memory is really I’m not OK, and it’s disappearing. But, sometimes the part you’re asking about—and I’ve had this holding a spoon, and it’s like there’s a — Can’t find it.
Regina Meredith: (laughing together)
Jim Self: No matter what; it doesn’t matter whether you’re a child or an 85-year-old person, it’s as you say; it’s not Alzheimer’s. You are losing your memories of I’m not OK. If you think about your past, you’ve had lots of experiences where you’ve been insulted or you’ve embarrassed yourself. Those were experiences, but if you really think about it, many times those experiences happened and they took one second or two seconds, and yet, you define the rest of your life by I’m not OK. That’s being cleared from your reality. And, so, that’s where part of this memory lapse is.
Regina Meredith: If it drags the spoon with it, there you go!
Jim Self: And what happens is because the brain and the synaptics and the axons and all of the aspects of the brain and that whole field of memory, which sits in your energy field far more than it sits in your head, as pieces are removed, those connections get disconnected.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Jim Self: And, you think about it for a minute and all of a sudden it’s like oh, yes. Boom! So, all that reconnection is going on all the time, but you are losing the memory of who you are not.
Regina Meredith: You’re not losing your mind; you’re losing your memory.
Jim Self: Correct.
Regina Meredith: Yeah, and that’s a good distinction. You’re talking—and, I’ve heard other people speak of this, as well—moving from this third-dimensional consciousness into the fourth, into the fifth-dimensional consciousness. Now, I think where some people who’ve contemplated this become confused is the understanding this find understanding of the difference between dimensions and vibrational frequencies and densities. It doesn’t mean your world suddenly disappears, but your consciousness had shifted.
Jim Self: Correct, exactly.
Regina Meredith: Well, and if you would explain that a bit.
Jim Self: Sure. So, the couch, the chair really doesn’t go away in this fifth-dimensional reality. You live in a third and a fourth dimension all the time and you’re stepping into a fifth dimension. The fifth dimension is lighter, it’s airy-er, if you would. In the fifth dimension words like safety and trust do not exist. There’s nothing unsafe and there’s nothing to distrust. In that fifth dimension it’s co-creation, cooperation. It’s beauty and wellbeing and reverence and kindness and graciousness; all those wonderful words, but those words are not intellectual, spoken words; they are felt. And, so, in that place where you live graciousness, you live certainty, command, you live capableness. When you begin to live in those words you start to move around very differently. In the third dimension you know all those words; capable, certain, happy, gracious, commanding, but how often do we live those words. And, see, now we’re talking about the path into the fifth dimension because when you can sit and feel happy, or if I say have you ever been certain. And, oh, yeah, I’ve been certain, you say. But, if I say you know, wait a minute, just take a breath and feel certain, all of a sudden it’s like oh, OK, certain. Something happens in the physiology when you change the frequency of thought. Then you begin to get to a place where you start to structure that thought into a every moment action and you find, also, when you’re feeling capable or certain, pleased, there’s a presence about you and that presence is in present time. That’s the place where you command from wellbeing. And that’s the pathway into this fifth-dimensional space.
Regina Meredith: And shall we assume that when we evolve ourselves into this fifth-dimensional consciousness that the speed of creation changes?
Jim Self: Oh, yes. It becomes instantaneous.
Regina Meredith: Yeah.
Jim Self: See, when you change the time configuration and you get away from past and future and you get into the present time where—the game of Time and present time—there’s four layers of present time and each one becomes more instantaneous. And, so, as you step into this you’re going to find, also, that Time is simultaneous and Time is also circular.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm
Jim Self: And, so, there’s places in these present-time configurations where when you are very present in your body, observing your reality and then choosing how you wish to react with that reality. That concept is very different than; shoot, ready, aim, or oh, they said and, so I’m going to do what they say. So, when you start to get into that construct where you can observe, choose and act, and you begin to play in wellbeing, recognizing this is all about wellbeing. I don’t need to be angry. You can’t take anger with you into that fifth dimension. It’s too heavy. It’s like a big weight in your hot air balloon. The balloon will just go up so high and it will stall out. You have to get rid of the I’m not OK’s. See, this is what the universe is doing. It knows those heavy rocks in your backpack have nothing to do with you. They are just gifts that others have given you that you’ve accepted to walk around with. As they begin to dissipate and go away, the ability to simply have conversation without “am I OK?”, begins to be very fluid and it’s in that space that you’re going to start to find the ability to create more instantaneously, like I’d like an apple, and that apple is going to appear in your hand.
Regina Meredith: Yes. Very beautiful. Let’s look at the human beings that exist now. Certainly, this journey is, perhaps, proving to be a little more challenging for people who were born a few decades or several decades ago, as the beginning of these energies started making the shift. So, we’re essentially born into the previous densities and constructs and boxes. Yet, we chose to be the first ones in that generation that have chosen to go through this metamorphoses from that density through to another one, which is—that’s a brave group of souls.
Jim Self: Yes.
Regina Meredith: And then you have the next ones coming in. The energies are a little more established, the new energies. Then, you have the little babies being born now. And can you talk a little bit about what this has been like from your observations of these different generations that have chosen to come in at very specific times?
Jim Self: Yeah. These beings at each one of those intervals really it started back in the late 1800s. There was an inkling of thought of possibility, and some came and some performed and some did what they did.
Regina Meredith: These were the Rudolph Steiner’s and some of these individuals.
Jim Self: Nikola Tesla. All of these great big . . .
Regina Meredith: Tesla, yes!
Jim Self: And, yet, they came into a time where they came into a confrontation with an ideology, a philosophy; money was a big piece, not making it bad or good. It was a philosophy, and how we will create and we will build great empires some said, the Rockefeller’s and all of those did remarkably wonderful things. But, they did it from a place that was not in that Law of One, where the first become the last and the last become the first. They did it with a break in it; me. I’m going to get it for me, and I don’t care about them. And that’s what we played through that period of time, setting this all up.
Regina Meredith: A lot of resistance to the ones who came in with knowledge.
Jim Self: Sure.
Regina Meredith: Yeah.
Jim Self: So, when Tesla showed up and Edison showed up and the guys with the money said, “Where do I make money?” They weren’t going to make money from Tesla. And, if Tesla had his—if that had been adapted, we would have been having this conversation back in the ‘40s.
Regina Meredith: Yes.
Jim Self: But it wasn’t adapted and it wasn’t integrated. And, so, that break, where it was OK to have poor, non-having-ness, and it was OK to not pay attention to women’s rights and gay rights and environmental rights. So, we brought ourselves to this place. But, as that was happening, there was the “you and me’s” and many others that said we’re going to make a difference. And, so, you had an interval in 1920, where there were some really remarkable beings that came onto the planet and said I’ll make a difference. And they did. Quietly, the came and they went. But, starting in about 1945, a very large grouping of beings came, and many of them came for different reasons. Many of them came with very big purposes, and yet, it was still an inkling that maybe, just maybe something would happen. See, because we have done this numbers of times before, and in those past times we’ve not succeeded. So, the intention was to become this fully Christed consciousness. That’s not about a man or a religion. That’s about an evolution, and we have not succeeded and we’ve ripped up that blueprint and we’ve tried again. And, so, this whole process was another one of those. And that year 2000 was very magical, and you can read about it in “Revelations,” “Ezekiel” and “Daniel” in the Bible. And, you had nine ways to do yourself in and to rip up the blueprint to try once again. But, in 1945, ’46 that grouping came into presence and they came very much into presence in the late ‘60s. And, you had the environmental movements and the gay movement, and all the various movements; women’s rights, where people just said enough! And then, oddly enough, that disappeared in the ‘70s and the ‘80s, and then money came back into the process. But, make no mistake, those that brought about the ‘60s and ‘70s, they didn’t go away, and now they’re coming back in lots of different ways and they are making a difference. These are big beings. And in 1987, when the Harmonic Convergence came, that was enormous because that’s the point in time where the new ones started to come. And, so, you’re watching these kids today. They’re DNA is different; they’re mental configurations are different; they’re recognitions of where they came from is conscious to them. We just don’t ask them, many times. So, they’re knowledge of who they are is very ingrained in them. And now the newer kids, the ones with Autism and the ones that are broken and obviously something’s wrong. Well, nothing’s wrong, we just don’t recognize the capacity that they have, and if we were to recognize it we would have to change. But, now we’re into the shift and the shift is, in fact, going to occur in such a way that this grouping of great ones that were quiet, but basically made a difference has come about in this. And, you’re seeing it now. More and more are waking up. Those are the leaders and the teachers and the healers, and the ones that said that I can make a difference. They never lost that right here, in that space in their heart.
Regina Meredith: So, this is a challenging time, then, for the little ones who have come in. They have one foot still in their home field and their other foot here. It’s almost, in some cases, as you say in Autism, it’s almost like it’s a premature stepping into this world, because the world doesn’t understand them and is not ready to embrace everything that they have to offer just yet. How do you see us bridging that with these incredible young beings who are here now?
Jim Self: These incredible young ones will take over, you know, and they know what they’re doing. And, see, it’s an interesting thing about these new ones because some of these have never had bodies before.
Regina Meredith: Yeah, yeah.
Jim Self: And these are—they’re big beings coming from lots of places, and there are many who have had bodies before and they have the knowledge to step right into things like governments and corporations and, basically, say we’re going to do this from that Law of One, where everybody counts and there is not greed. And, basically, there’s a philosophy that you’re going to see; you’ve started to see it. It’s one plus one is three. How do you take everything to the high road? And, when you play in that philosophy—like our business; we give away far more than we charge for and we give away substance because I know I’m never going to see all those people that I’m talking to on all these free lectures. But, it doesn’t matter if I get rewarded from well, give me your dollar. So, that model is starting to fall apart in the world. The Money model is going to change to something really remarkable, but it’s based on one plus one is three. Take it to the high road. Give things away and it comes back to you in many ways. That’s what you’re starting to see in this shift. You’re seeing people in each one of those generations that you’re talking about; the ones that came in the ‘40s, particularly, are making very major things happen today, even though they are not visible in many regards.
Regina Meredith: Thank you for explaining that. It’s a very beautiful kind of gradation of the consciousness coming in. And, now, when you’re working with people—and, we’ve already talked about what the possibility for each of us is now, if we make that choice to start moving into the clearer feelings, emotions, listening to our internal self, moving into that fifth-dimensional consciousness. But, in your work there are tools that you utilize to do this. And, I know you can’t share everything here because we only have a short bit of time together. Maybe just give us a glimpse of some of those tools, and people can check in with you later to find out more.
Jim Self: Sure. See, what you’re really asking about in your evolution is something that you’re not taught in the system of your education and your upbringing. See, you’re taught that everything external to you is what drives your reality. And, so, we’re starting to begin to recognize no, that I count. And that’s a big shift for a lot of people. Not “I” as the one that am really important from the ego side. It’s the place that I have value, is what’s starting to happen. But, in order to begin to play there, one of the things that helps is to recognize that energy and the vibration of energy and the vibration of words and thoughts and emotions. If you understand what’s happening in and around you and how to manage your energy, you basically can step out of all of these issues that you generally are confronting in your external world, where they tell you you’re OK, or not.
And, so, this energy field, this aura around you [is] a very, very important thing. In a way this is not a truth that I’m going to say, but there’s a point where you stop and you start. Really, that’s not accurate, but for this purpose, if you can define where the edge of your aura is, which is approximately when you stick your hand out in front of you and turn it this way, and if you can begin to have a consideration that from this point to me is who I am, and everything on the other side of that is Shakespeare’s theater to entertain me, would that create a concept and a perception differently than you normally walk around with? Yes, it does, if you can stay on your side. One of the tools, very simple; we use the concept of a rose that has lots of meaning. But, if you were to create an image of a rose right here on the edge of your energy field and know it goes all the way around you so you’re standing inside of a circle, if you would, and this is me and that’s the theater. And, the rule is you stay on your side of the rose, more or less. If you can play that game, it puts you; one, into present time, and two, it gives you choice. Then, you can observe, choose and decide on how you wish to act, [bringing] a very gigantic shift in people’s reality. One of the things that happens to people is—I’ll even go this far—most of the thoughts that you think and most of the beliefs that you hold are not even yours. And, so, how much time do you pay attention to all that noise running through your head all day long? And, mostly, it’s other people’s thoughts moving through your space. As soon as you create this rose—and this is not a wall or a “keep out” or a defense mechanism—it just simply says this is me and that’s the game that we’re . . .
Regina Meredith: The theater, yeah.
Jim Self: Just by entertaining that and holding it, an enormous amount of the noise begins to stay out. Also, many people are very empathetic; I feel you. Well, what happens is I feel you. In order to say that, I have to be in present time, going oh, yes; this is sad about your 20-year-old husband that died. I feel your feelings; empathy/sympathy. But, in real terms it doesn’t do you very much good running somebody else’s emotions through your body. But, when you look at families, for example; families are very much in each other’s space, and it causes challenges in relationships often, if you think about it from that standpoint. Not beating up families in any way, but I cannot distinguish myself between your feelings and my feelings.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Jim Self: Husband and wife’s, mothers and children; it doesn’t matter. It’s I like you because you’re like me. But, when I run your you through the me, I get confused quite often. As soon as you play with this rose, you start to create a distinction between your bubble that you live in and the bubble that I live in. And, I can admire and respect you a whole lot more, many times, when I’m not trying to figure you out from right here.
Regina Meredith: And feel everything and process everything the other person is feeling. And, yet, we do this simply to feel like we’re connected to each other.
Jim Self: Very much.
Regina Meredith: Yeah.
Jim Self: And, it’s a distortion, and once you begin to create this—I don’t want to use the word “separation,” but identity of me and identity of you, I can admire you far greater and your creations, rather than being in competition with you because why did you get it and I didn’t?
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Jim Self: So, the whole mindset begins to shift and you literally start to move into that place where I can allow you, admire you, appreciate you being you, and learn opportunities because I’m not in competition with you.
Regina Meredith: Yes. Very beautifully stated.
Jim Self: Very big deal.
Regina Meredith: Big deal. I can feel what you’re articulating energetically, as other people can listening to this, watching this right now. That was very beautifully put.
Jim Self: I’ll give you another simple one.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm.
Jim Self: See, when people understand this concept of grounding—OK; grounding—that word has been floating around for some time, and people have energetically begun to understand that if you imagine a line form the tip of your spine to the center of the Earth, it’s just like putting your hands under the water to get rid of that electrical charge.
Regina Meredith: Yes.
Jim Self: But, I said earlier, thoughts are electrical; emotions are magnetic. So, that electrical line will start to siphon off many of those thoughts. You know how you get people’s thoughts and they’re bouncing around?
Regina Meredith: The busy-ness, yeah.
Jim Self: And, you just are consumed all day long. That, simply, is like a ping pong ball that has no place to go. But when you ground and you give the command to turn on the grounding, that electrical static has a place to go. But, simultaneously, the emotions you feel, many times, are not your emotions. So, if you build a little coil around that line that you connect, you begin to neutralize many of the emotions that have nothing to do with you, at all.
Regina Meredith: Yes, yes.
Jim Self: Think about it. If we could get rid of that anger or that sadness or that depression, what you will find when you define the rose and you ground that a great portion of that has nothing to do with you at all?
Regina Meredith: Yes! Again, very beautifully put. And, now, we go to this kind of final little point—huge point—because when you’re with You; when you’re truly connected with your deepest aspect of your multidimensional self, there is this quietude. There is not a need for chatter, for competition even to seek or question. It’s so quiet and clear, and the contrast is almost non-existent.
Jim Self: Correct.
Regina Meredith: We, up until now, feel alive through contrast. So, psychologically we have to let go of this desire for this contrast to feel alive, to go into this much more sublime place. And, how do you experience that as your students, as you, yourself, and the people that come to your lectures and such, how does that progression look?
Jim Self: Well, one of the things that I find on kind of this path that I’ve been asked to teach by the archangels, and what the archangels said is, “We believe there’s a pathway that has never been walked—never walked—and, if it’s followed it will ascend; it will create an ascension for those who walk it, a change, a dramatic change, but it will also create a light, a magnetic portal, if you would, that will draw all of the third dimension into the fifth dimension. And, so, that’s kind of what mastering alchemy is. But, that pathway is very specifically laid out, and words become very important on the pathway. So, if I say to you in third dimension, the word “ease,” like oh, take it easy, you have a sense of that. But, when you get into the quietness that you’re pointing to and you say, I’d like to experience ease, [it’s] a very different experience energetically in the body. When you step into a fifth-dimensional space and you recognize that you’re a citizen of the fifth dimension, and in that space you live in a reference and a regalness—it’s almost like a royalty, with the most wonderful side of it where this is who I am. That presence becomes very big. Then, you begin to experience words like freedom in a way you cannot imagine in a third and fourth dimension. But, you experience that word “ease.” It’s full; it’s distinct; it adds magnetics. It attracts words like graciousness. Graciousness is a fifth-dimensional word. We can speak it in our language, but you have no idea what graciousness is as you begin to be that citizen of the fifth dimension, living in ease and beauty and wellbeing.
Regina Meredith: We’ve painted a beautiful portrait of what we can choose to move into, and it is our choice.
Jim Self: And, where we are about to go.
Regina Meredith: And, where we are about to go. And, again, mastering alchemy is the work that you’re offering the world at this time. People can check in with you or go to seminars, read books and whatnot. There’s plenty on line, free, also.
Jim Self: Yes.
Regina Meredith: And DVDs. All of the above so they can start working themselves through clearing—not just clearing, but actually choosing to go on this path into themselves, into their fifth-dimensional self. Very beautiful.
Jim Self: It’s a pathway. It’s not a truth; it’s not a philosophy; it’s not anything.
Regina Meredith: Yeah.
Jim Self: It simply says you can begin to change this I’m not OK into a sense of I’m capable; I’m certain; I’m present. You have a very different experience. It’ not follow me or listen to. It’s do this. Apply these tools and watch the world around you change.
Regina Meredith: Mmmhmm. I think you’re a good person to do this. You have a great deal of humility and clarity in your being, and I really appreciate your taking the time to sit with me today.
Jim Self: Thank you.
Regina Meredith: I found the details about the dissolution of the third dimension and our move into the thought form world of the fourth absolutely fascinating. We’ve all heard that we need to watch the quality of our thoughts; now you know why. You can learn more about Jim’s work by going to www.masteringalchemy.com. You can pick up a copy of his introductory book called, The Shift, his DVD course, or find out about his live seminars there. Until next time, thanks for watching CMN.

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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
Thanks HarmonyH hugs
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
We have moved through some intense planetary alignments, an eclipse, a mercury retrograde and some spectacular trans dimensional energy shifts. The energies are no longer coming in waves like they used to. They are instead coming to and through as fractals that arrange as libraries and records within our energy fields. They are also changing in the nature of their spirals. We know that all energy moves in spiral motion. Now, I am seeing double helixes of energy much like what our DNA looks like. These new patterns are nearly tangible. They almost become literally visual and touchable in our 3D reality. These are powerful packages that we can learn to put to use for instant change and manifestation. But at the same time we much be careful with them because they re so powerful, so pure in their flow and arrangements, that whatever we really intend or mean will be so. I am not kidding about this.
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
Hoping All is well...

WOW .......!!!!!!! its starting to feel REAL AGAIN !!!!!!

This is available only for I believe today

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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
just in case put www. in front

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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
just heard 2013 --2017 are glorious
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04/14/2012 11:56 PM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
Hi HarmonyH - thanks for the calltoawaken link. hf

APRIL 2012





***You cannot worry and believe In the same breathe, in the same Heartbeat

[link to www.thequantumawakening.com]

Harmonyh from Janosh Art
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04/15/2012 01:24 AM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
The Balsamic Moon occurs on April 16-17 in sidereal Aquarius. It conjoins Hydor of Aquarius, the V407 Nova in Aquarius; Zeta Phoenix and Alpha Hydrus.

Hydor, Lambda Aquarius, lies in and guides the stream of the flowing waters of the humanitarian waterbearer. Hydor simply means water. Like the stars of the urn from which the waters flow, Sadalmelik, Sadachbia, Seat, Zeta and Eta (the Diamond of Aquarius), Hydor is a fortuitous star. This zodiacal location is also related to Varuna, goddess of the water's of life, who invites us to allow nature's way to weave its course.

Directly conjoining Hydor of Aquarius is southern Alpha Hydrus (not to be confused with Hydra). Classically, Alpha Hydrus is the tail of Hydrus, yet some modern renderings show it as the head. Hydrus is a very southern constellation, lying at the south ecliptic pole. As such, it is of the soul collective's fundamental essence—a protogenoi of life, specifically the fundamental nourishing primordial waters from which life emerges. Alpha Hydrus articulates our fundamental basic needs of life—that which the entire human family requires for its basic existence—the needs of the people and that which should be denied to none. Also conjoining is Zeta Phoenix, which imparts a progressive warrior type quality, of creating movement and getting things done for a beneficial outcome.

This is also the exalted location for Neptune. Neptune’s surface is not solid like Earth. It is composed of a heavy layer of swirling clouds mainly composed of methane. Neptune’s bright blue surface appearance continually changes due to underlying winds that blow up to about 700 miles per hour. This dense atmosphere morphs into liquid moving inward toward its icy silicate core. Neptune is made up mainly of hydrogen, helium, water and silicates Neptune’s geophysical nature is one of the reasons for Neptune’s amorphous astrological nature, which is of dreams, visions, and ideals. Neptune dissolves that which is fixed and segregated into universality—the quality of humanitarian Aquarius.

These stars are favorable of work and pursuits that have of an amorphous and watery character, that support progressive movement, flow and change, that tend to equalize and dissolve boundaries.

The V407 Cygni Nova conjoins Hydor, Zeta Phoenix and Alpha Hydrus. V407 Cygni's zodiacal longitude and recent outburst emphasizes the essence of humanitarian Aquarius and these conjoining stars.

An unusually bright and unexpected outburst from what was thought to be a normal star in the constellation Cygnus was detected by two Japanese astronomers, Koichi Nishiyama (Fukuoka, Japan) and Fujio Kabashima (Saga, Japan), in images taken on March 10, 2010 (10:48 UT). An independent discovery of this outburst was also made by Tadashi Kojima. This indicates a slow nova outburst that may have been in progress since 1936. Its significant placement in the heavens makes this a profound and timely discovery--like a bright focused light turning on in human consciousness. A Nova, or any type of stellar explosion such as that occurring with V407 of Cygnus, brings attention to, excites, and energizes the zodiakal longitude of the stellar burst. V407 Cygni lies in the northern heavens along the galactic equator just past the very primary and principle star, Deneb of Cygnus (06° 31' past Deneb and 01° 30' south of Deneb, in ecliptical longitude and latitude). This close proximity to Deneb brings a significant emphasis to the astrological qualities of Deneb as well. Deneb embodies our unadulterated androgynous pure soul essence before fragmentation into race, sex, or creed. Deneb inspires us to stand in the awareness of our pure soul essence, in this wholeness and to participate from the maturity of unity consciousness, unbiased and beyond the segregations and categorizations common to modern-day mass-consciousness.From The Lunar Plannr
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04/15/2012 01:31 AM
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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences
Love and Kindness are Fifth-Dimensional Signposts

by DL Zeta

There are signposts that signal our arrival into fifth-dimensional
consciousness. Love and kindness are two signposts upon which our
foundation for inter-dimensional experience is based. Love is the
highest vibration in the universe; kindness is a natural manifestation
of love. Embracing and cultivating love and kindness carries us through
the gates of higher dimensions.

We may have a sense of knowing and the ability to access certain forms
of higher knowledge but without the ability to live from our heart, we
are unable to realize this knowledge in our daily life. Without love,
higher knowledge is stillborn and unrealized.

Healing Emotions Allows Communion with our Soul

Practicing love and kindness unites our conscious mind with our heart.
When we allow ourselves to experience our feelings, we are able to sit
with feelings that may not be comfortable at first. In time, we work
through emotional baggage and are able to experience emotional communion
with our soul. Our soul expresses itself in feeling states; our mind
communicates in words. We need both working together to enter a state of
oneness within ourselves.

Getting our conscious mind to embrace our soul may be difficult if we
are overly identified with physical reality.

Releasing Physical-Based Identities

When our identity - who we believe ourselves to be -- is solely derived
from that which is measurable by the conscious mind, the tendency is to
gaze with suspicion on anything we can't physically measure. Since the
soul resides in the realm of the unseen and speaks to us in feelings
through the doorway of the subconscious, a conscious mind entrenched
solely in physical reality distrusts the feeling states transmitted via
the soul. Without the soul's loving and gentle guidance, the mind is
able to rationalize most anything. This sometimes sends one's life down
paths that are further and further from its purpose.

An identity that embraces concepts such as meditation, natural healing,
service, an active creative imagination and unseen realms is able to
free itself of the shackles of physical reality. When we free ourselves
from enslavement to the physical, we have much more to share with
others. When we are free, we tend to act more from soul desires than
from the struggle to survive. When we are free, we love more and treat
others with kindness.

Asking for Assistance Opens the Door to Spiritual Wisdom

Identity is one window through which to understand how the soul and mind
work together. The conscious mind in some individuals naturally opens to
the soul due to spiritual understandings acquired over many lifetimes.
Often a physical event inspires one to reach out and ask for assistance.
When one reaches beyond the physical for help, they gain access to the
rich storehouse of wisdom contained in their higher self. This knowledge
and wisdom is held in escrow until they're ready to receive it.

This wisdom is accessed when the conscious mind "asks" for help through
the heart feelings and opens to receive it. This is also a formula for
manifesting desires into physical reality. The moment our identity
shifts so we see ourselves as "one who asks for and receives divine
guidance" we begin to access all that our soul holds in "escrow".

Receiving and Right Use of Trust

The "opening to receive" part of this equation can pose a barrier if
there are trust issues. Left to its own devices, the conscious mind
places trust according to its own criteria. For example, we depend on
another person so we must "love" them. And because we love them, we must
"trust" them. If, at some point, a person proves unworthy of our trust,
the conscious mind then computes that trust itself is not worthy. The
fact is, each person can be trusted to act in accordance with their
level of spiritual understanding within the moment. No more and no less.
It may be difficult for the conscious mind to arrive at this conclusion
without the loving guidance of the soul.

Misunderstandings around the issue of trust are one of the major reasons
why some people distrust their soul and higher self. When we banish
trust, our sole source of information and guidance is the conscious mind.

When a person misunderstands trust, this often triggers feelings of
anger and betrayal. Anger bars access to the soul, the higher self, and
the soul's rich storehouse of wisdom and knowledge.

Discernment Teaches Right Use of Trust

Practicing discernment allows us to clear any misunderstandings we have
around the issue of trust. Discernment is a province of the union of the
mind and soul. When our mind practices the right use of trust, it
understands that we can always trust the love and guidance of our soul
and higher self. A conscious mind that opens to this source of loving
guidance is able to enter feeling states that allow deepening spiritual
communion. It is this communion that allows one to live a heartfelt
existence. The natural outgrowth of a heartfelt life is the practice of
love and kindness.

Love and Kindness Unite us with our Soul

When we unite our mind and our soul, we perceive how our words and
actions affect others. We see how a leaf quivers at our touch, how the
energy of our words affects all those we encounter. A conscious mind
with this awareness chooses a path in life with the intent to harm none.
This is the path of the heart and the path of the soul. When we see with
our heart, we perceive our path and our truth within each moment. All
that is not aligned with our path falls away. This is discernment.

Through the practice of discernment and right use of trust, we are able
to develop a stronger communion with our soul and higher self. Love and
kindness, as the outer manifestation of this communion, hold the power
to carry us into the fifth-dimension and beyond.

For more on identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New
Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta
[link to www.celestialvision.org]
For more information, visit [link to www.celestialvision.org]

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Re: Celestial Weather & Influences