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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The Balsamic Moon occurs on February 9 in sidereal Sagittarius and conjoins Pluto. The Moon conjoins the hand and bow of the Zen Archer created by Meridionalis (the hand) and Kaus Aus and Bor (the bow). Also conjoining is SGR XR-4, an x-ray emitting globular cluster; and Alpha Telescopium, which lies just south of the bow.

Here we find undaunted strength, focus and purpose with a sure and stable stance that makes it possible to see and achieve our long-term (soul-level) goals. This point in the ecliptic is about our Zen stance, how to hit the target of our ideals, aspirations and dreams, which is an all or nothing deal. Athletes know the principle of the Zen archer's bow well. To achieve one's goals, whether a golfer, pole-vaulter, billiards player, skier, archer, or martial artist, the stance or form one holds is essential. Only if the archer is holding the bow as if it is an integrated part of the body will the arrow hit the target. Only will the skier be able to take on the most challenging of slopes if the skies are felt as extensions of one's legs, firmly and gracefully moving in concert with the entire body. Only will the billiards player make the pocket if the entire body stance is solid, with the cue nesting in a properly formed bridge made by the hand. Simply this can be called our Zen, a whole body form or stance requiring all of our focused awareness expressed from our core and throughout our entire being. The SGR XR-4 x-ray source inspires the undaunted nature of the Zen archer, the means to access the divine power to pierce the veils of illusion and express the greater transcendent galactic truth.

Telescopium, underlying the centaur, reveals an additional facet of the Sagittarian theme, of having a Zen stance, and the stability and strength of the Zen Archer's bow. Telescopium articulates our long-range soul purpose seen with penetrating vision, which is common to the Zen Archer's approach in life. Alpha Telescopium suggests that we look past or through the distractions around us to focus in upon only the target of our highest ideals and dreams.

This Pluto Balsamic Moon may have us first looking back over that which had been dismantled in our lives but only to realize the opportunistic opening it has provided; and to now turn our attention forward with undaunted focus to move confidently into the future. It is this "seed" that will sprout into a new theme on the following New Moon.

The Venus-Jupiter Synodic Cycle
Venus and Jupiter create their synod in mid-sidereal Aquarius on February 10, 2010, just after the Balsamic Moon in our "focus to the future" day of the lunar cycle. This is a 238-day cycle, continuing through October 6, 2010. Of course these two make a wonderful paring--commonly considered a vastly expanded heart. This synodic cycle theme is defined by Baham, Theta Pegasus; Sadachbia, Gamma Aquarius; Skat, Delta Aquarius; and Zeta Aquarius.

Aquarius, the humanitarian waterbearer, nourishes the body of humanity, articulated by Pisces Australis and the star Fomalhaut (which conjoins Deneb of Cygnus, also Sadalmelik of Aquarius and Enif of Pegasus). Fomalhaut, one of the four Royal Stars, embodies the essence of a humanitarian-based society, one in which basic human needs are met for all people. Orcus' perihelion lies just north of a prominent asterism (to skywatchers) composed of Sadachbia, Pi (Seat), Epsilon, and Zeta, which create a 4-star "Y"--a symbol used in electronics to denote an antenna--that which transmits and receives, is expressive/receptive. Sadachbia of Aquarius is the "lucky star of hidden things." Sadachbia indicates a physical gift of extreme value to be discovered, revealed, claimed or given. The "Y" of stars is generally depicted as the Urn of Aquarius--from where the nourishing humanitarian waters flow.

Skat, Delta Aquarius, is "star of the foundation," marking the shinbone of the waterbearer. Skat is of humanitarian philanthropic foundations, organizations, and business vessels through which material and financial support can flow for future-oriented humanitarian focused projects and for the nourishment of an evolved human society flourishing in the arts and sciences. Skat inspires action in support this pursuit. Skat is possibly derived from the Arabic Al Sak (the shinbone) or from Al Shi'at, meaning a wish (Allen).

Pegasus, in general, is of strength and support, that which lifts humanity above the entrapping forces and scenarios common to a less than socially mature world. Enif, Baham and Homam are a group of fortuitous stars that lie over the Aquarian waterbearer, forming the head of Pegasus. Enif of Pegasus, the nose of the flying horse, brings intuitiveness and sensitivity to the humanitarian / Aquarian pursuit. Enif is characteristic of altruistic people, those with the intuitive awareness to recognize what is of essence, of value, and worthy of humanitarian support. It is of those who are capable of providing material and financial support and who have the sensitivity to do so. Enif asks us to follow our intuition to do that which is truly supportive to our greater well being and to those around us. Homam, Zeta Pegasus, is "lucky star of the hero," also "lucky star of the high-minded man." Homam, Baham, and Enif embodies the essence of the Pegasus theme in its wisdom. Homan and Baham inspire the inner drive to find a solution to our basic human needs. All of these stars are of achievement and success.

This is one of the purest areas of resonance in the ecliptic and one of the most fortuitous--the mid-point of sidereal Aquarius is the Angel Point of the Zodiak. From The Lunar Planner

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