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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Feb 13, Saturday. The Aquarius New Moon (25 Aquarius 18) is at 6:51 pm Pacific Time and the Moon is passing by Chiron (26 Aquarius 01) and Neptune (26 Aquarius 07). Plus Mercury (4 Aquarius) is opposite retrograde Mars (4 Leo). This new Moon “super council” with Chiron and Neptune is the closest New Moon point to the exact Chiron Neptune conjunction and Mercury is sitting about 20 degrees away. This is a time for further energizing the mysteries of innovative kindness toward self and others. Kindness has the power to facilitate radical life changing experiences at a deep cellular level.
Dr. Wayne Dyer spoke about the power of kindness and the research that has been done in his book The Power of Intention. It turns out that when a person initiates an act of kindness, receives an act of kindness or witnesses an act of kindness their serotonin levels increase and their immune system is strengthened. Serotonin is a feel good hormone that increases happiness and an overall sense of well being.

This kindness research is further supported by experiments being done on rats in Switzerland. Researchers created a way for rats to feed each other but not themselves. It turns out the rats seem to enjoy helping each other. Additionally, when rats receive acts of kindness they are more likely to be kind toward other rats.

Another research project in Japan shows that taking the time to recount acts of kindness increases subjective happiness.

When Chiron entered Aquarius in February of 2005 I wrote this article describing this transit as an opportunity to further the Kindness revolution. Over the years Gratitude has been an important aspect of raising our personal vibration. What we might conclude from the kindness research is that adding Kindness also raises our vibration and further accelerates and accentuates the power of Gratitude, along with increasing our skill as conscious co-creators.

The research study in Japan showed that keeping a Kindness journal made a significant difference in the happiness experienced by those who were engaging that practice. So I invite you to consider keeping a daily or weekly journal recounting acts of kindness you do for yourself and others, the acts of kindness others do for you and the acts of kindness you witness in your daily life, along with recounting what you are grateful for each day.

Chiron will bounce in an out of Aquarius this year and leaves this area of the sky on February 9, 2011. Chiron will not return to Aquarius until April 3, 2055. From Celestial Timings.

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