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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Dances
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The Galactic Times

Saturn's Ballet ~ 18 February 2010

Saturn, the master of time, timeliness an timing obviously plans on attending. This next week Saturn conducts one of four pirouettes that occur per one of his orbital cycles. These exquisite turns appear in the form of his perihelion (closest approach to the Sun), aphelion (most distant retreat from the Sun) and the two times during the orbit when he stands halfway in between these points. The presently impending turn appears in the form of one of these halfway points. By heliocentric degree, Saturn freshly in Libra (from the Sun's view Saturn entered Libra February 11th per GMT), squares the degree of his perihelion/aphelion.

This is the symbol of average rate of motion for Saturn. This particular square in Libra is part of Saturn's slowing as he moves from the maximum speed he holds in Cancer to the minimal speed he travels in Capricorn. Saturn moves from his greatest sense of urgency, created by distance proximity to the excitation of solar energy and his highest rate of speed toward his orbital derrière - the chill out point, where he regroups, mulls, meditates and applies the conscious decisions of his contemplative retreat.

The current movement in Saturn's orbital dance can work wonders. This blend requires taking the frantic pressure and time sensitivity of deadlines, mixing it with the most fabulous new insights, products and concepts available, and chilling the combination with tradition and steadfast constitutional doctrines. This is a time when new meets old and works to add progressive ideas and innovations to the benefits of long viable, efficient systems and protocols. Saturn possesses incredible sensitivity to those things withstanding the test of time. He is reluctant to break apart what endures; though some contend that he is also reluctant to the nuances of evolution. Regardless, whether with Pas de Chat (step of the cat) or Pas de Cheval (step of the horse) or Pas de Poisson (step of the fish), Saturn applies the good sense to tread lightly between the worlds - the world of tradition and the world of progressive advancement.

So it is in this time that a sensitivity to these realms serves those facing any type of crossroad in life. Saturn's contact with the midpoint of two of his primary motion sensors assures success to those operating with such attention.

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