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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle WithHarmonia
Post Content
Feb 21, Sunday. The Moon moves into Gemini as it occults the Pleiades and the first Quarter Moon is at 3 Gemini 17 just past the Pleiades and moving toward Aldebaran (10 Gemini) tonight. With the nearly first quarter Moon occulting the Pleiades we have a double acceleration (including the occultation and the first quarter Moon) of the Pleiadian stargate energies. The Pleiades mark the outer edge of the Sacred Hoop as the Moon then reaches its first quarter between the Pleiades and Aldebaran the key to the Silver Gate.

… the Silver Gate is above Orion, at the centre of the Duat; the Egyptian Netherworld which was represented on the ground in the Giza area. The Silver Gate is just above the “hand” of Orion, who the Egyptians associated with Osiris, and they depicted him holding a star in his hand. In the Orion Mystery, Bauval & Gilbert presumed this to be the star Aldebaran. Now, Gilbert has found that the Egyptian word for star, s’ba, also means “door”, so Osiris is holding a Star-Gate. In some depictions, Osiris is holding an ankh towards the gate, so this must be the key which unlocks the star-gate. [link to www.diagnosis2012.co.uk]

The Gemini First Quarter Moon represents the balance between light and dark and is the most visible and rapid growth phase of the Moon. The Moon is crossing the threshold that accelerates whatever process is already in motion. The Moon continues to increase in light until the Virgo Full Moon on Feb 27. This is coyote energy reminding us to laugh at ourselves, not take anything to seriously and in the process gain deeper insight into who we are, uncovering the hidden beliefs that limit our experience. Humor and laughter are the healing gifts of the comedian taking us out of the ordinary and providing the space and opportunity for a more playful, fun and creative experience.
From Celestial Timings

``` :kio909:
 Quoting: Dances

DANCES this has got to be one of the most inspiring
pics I've seen --- you have a gift of providing visually
what we "feel" and "know" -- this one resonates deeply in
my soul/spirit

Thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart !

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