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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well well well. This is some deep stuff. The filaments have ignited as the stage is set for a master blast from Sun Central. A day will tell as the photons will have reached us, guided lovingly through 2 feet of snow in North America to the DNA molecule of your choosing. If all goes well, the grids will cause the markets to freeze and we'll have ourselves a bank holiday of the grandest proportion. Look to your dreams for confirmation of the impending delight only surpassed by the wakeful intention of a better world. But then again, this may just be a prelude to the real deal coming to the theatre of our minds.

I'm excited EM, are you? Things are sure ripe for a snap, crackle and a pop!

 Quoting: Nrg 498050

Hi Nrg -" a prelude to the real deal coming to the theatre of our minds."

Now thats got to be my the quote of the week - well said. I mentioned on this thread yesterday my brain was abuzz - today its only got better - when I sit in my garden it feels (hard to explain) like everything even the sky was communicating with me - right now I am totally blissed out (which is rare for me) we are getting energies, and I feel this moon and the timing of the arrival of La Solar's latest gift for us -- so as to your question - I am sorta excited, but I am Happy and calm and it sure feels good. Peace to you and yours Nrg.

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